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The same could be said for smoking and other drug use within the office setting, I would imagine. I think I'll fill out a grant application.

I suppose that depends upon whether not you are the recipient of said swearing.

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This is a found poem, by me. A Poem, Found in the Reader Reviews for the Oster BPST02-B Professional Series Blender, Black This blender isn't for everyone, this is a very serious blender, for serious users. Blends ice like there is no tomorrow, I mean no chunks what-so-ever. What a nice blender. I wanted a powerful blender. WOW, I didn't know blenders came this powerful. BEST BLENDER EVER. One speed is plenty, it's a blender not a bicycle. A No Nonsense Blender It's almost as if an airplane is taking off in your kitchen. you will NOT be able to hold a conversation But it's over in seconds, so it doesn't matter. It's Everything it's said to be No fru-fru/bling. No gadgetry or multi-mode/40-button fake quality. No pastel plastics. Just the best blending on earth. Owned for a flawless month now. I've tried blending almost everything but granite. I've nicknamed mine "Heraclitus" because it causes everything I feed it to flow and become.

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The biggest question for me is: How unusual is her talent. If we started giving kids that size of canvas and that many tubes of acrylic and the necessary number of brushes and trowels, (etc.) how many of them would produce similar work? I would imagine that she is remarkable more for being given the opportunity to produce, than anything. Kids are the best science projects, aren't they?

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So Fes is a homebrewer. I'm a newbie extract brewer myself but I'd love to go to all-grain in the future. (We need to talk). We've got a local microbrew (Thunderhead Brewing) that makes a Gold Medal winning Espresso Stout, but the best beer I've ever had is their Belgian Dubbel (which is only available occasionally). Since getting into homebrew, I've learned about the effects of LIGHT on beer, which explains why clear and green bottled beers taste "skunky" compared to their counterparts in brown glass.

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Resistence is futile.

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One thing that I have never seen "newly uncovered" is video of something I saw with my own eyes on television coverage that day. I wish I had noted which network and the time of day. But it was shortly after Flight 93 was reported down. An anchor person read this as the quote was also shown on screen: A statement from Vice President Cheney: "I support the President in his difficult decision to shoot down commercial airliners [being used as weapons]." I forget the exact wording but the I know I have the first part correct. I doubt that someone completely made up the Cheney statement. This clearly said to me that it was Cheney who issued the orders and was attempting to give Bush the "credit" for it. It was also an all-but-admission of the shooting down of Flight 93. (Not that anyone could really fault them for that decision). It also explains why there are two impact sites for the wreckage - miles apart. Rushing the cockpit does not cause parts of the plane to fall off, leading to the crash. Then somehow, word got out of the "Let's roll" story and that was pushed HARD by the networks. I would love to again see all of the footage of the news coverage of that day, just to reconstruct the timeline of various events.

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"Simeon", get it? I know wendell got it : )

rocket88: I believe "who farted?" is also a perpetual winner.

remove the "get" from the sentence above. Sheesh. I need an editor.

"Sadly, Simeon never DID get sell his very promising screenplay for "The Planet of the Chimps".

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And I was really looking forward to the Hasidic lesbians, too!

I almost got rickrolled by mct's link, but fortunately I have a very slow internet connection and the urban dictionary loaded much faster than the YouTube video. : )

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I have it on good authority that neither of these spocks are the spocks you know and love on MeFi.

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The Potato Eaters Sometimes, the naked taste of potato reminds me of being poor. The first bites are gratitude, the rest, contented boredom. The little kitchen still flickers like a candle-lit room in a folktale. Never again was my father so angry, my mother so still as she set the table, or I so much at home. --Leonard Nathan

I'm sorry. I forgot to add the author of the poem The Woman Who Collects Noah's Arks, Texas poet Janet McCann. I regret the unintentional inference that the work was mine. I wish!

The Woman Who Collects Noah's Arks Has them in every room of her house, wall hangings, statues, paintings, quilts and blankets, ark lampshades, mobiles, Christmas tree ornaments, t-shirts, sweaters, necklaces, books, comics, a creamer, a sugar bowl, candles, napkins, tea-towels and tea-tray, nightgown, pillow, lamp. Animals two-by-two in plaster, wood, fabric, oil paint, copper, glass, plastic, paper, tinfoil, leather, mother-of-pearl, styrofoam, clay, steel, rubber, wax, soap. Why I cannot ask, though I would like to know, the answer has to be simply because. Because at night when she lies with her husband in bed, the house rocks out into the bay, the one that cuts in here to the flatlands at the center of Texas. Because the whole wood structure drifts off, out under the stars, beyond the last lights, the two of them pitching and rolling as it all heads seaward. Because they hear trumpets and bellows from the farther rooms. Because the sky blackens, but morning finds them always safe on the raindrenched land, bird on the windowsill.

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NO ONE expects the Swiss Inquisition!

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Interesting. I'm currently reading (more like stubbornly slogging through) Crypto by Steven Levy. It's about encryption making its way into the public in the U.S. despite the best efforts of the NSA.

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Dolphins (2001)

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