In "Pen and ink portraits by Dave Archambault"

Well I thought it was impressive, especially when I found out he did them all with Bic pens.

In "Minnie Driver is sooo punk rock..."

I like it. She has a soothing voice.

In "Invisibility"

YARG!! I can't get past level 5! Cute game though.

In "Ghost stories"

Oohh, I love ghost stories. Thanks for the link. And zedediah, I really enjoyed Devil's Tramping Ground. I especially liked The Banshee and Stranger Pilgrims.

In "What OS are you?"


In "Curious George:"

Aries here.

In "Welcome to EUROBAD '74"

babywannasofa: I don't have a caption, but jeez, there are so many things wrong with that picture I barely know where to begin. The scariest thing is that the wallpaper is MORE disturbing than whatever is going on with the kid. (And is he carrying a purse or some sort of toddler briefcase?)

In "Bunny"

I love snakes, but I'm not sure I could ever own anything that eats live bunnies. Adding to the derail: I'm from Maryland and have always known it as "Duck, Duck, Goose". I've never heard it with "grey duck".

In "Dance, monkey, DANCE!!!"

RINRINGRINGRINGRINGRING Banana Phone!! That is one catchy little ditty.

In "Curious George"

BlueHorse: I see you're experinced in the ways of the cockatiel. I swear, she's a bigger beggar than the damn dog.

mad, what does your cockatiel say? She doesn't talk, she whistles. She has several distinct recognizable whistles: a few she learned from me and a few she trained ME to learn. There's one whistle that means "take me out of this damn cage", which she uses pretty much anytime she's in the cage because I almost never put her in there. I used to make a catcall type whistle when I would walk in the door and she picked that one up almost immediately. Now anytime anyone walks in the door she gives them a "foxy lady" whistle. She has a contented little chitter that she makes when she's happy. If I'm in the room and I won't let her on my shoulder (or if I'm in the shower and I don't take her in with me), she "cries" - long, frustrated whistles. And she makes short sharp tweets when she wants a treat.

One dog: terrier/retreiver/spaniel mix. Female. Old but sweet. Terrific frisbee dog. One cockatiel: Grey and yellow. Female. Chases the dog around and likes to sleep on my pillow next to my head. Very bossy. Hates everyone but me, which I claim to hate but secretly love.

In "Chambers' Book of Days (1864)"

I can't stop reading. I will get nothing at all done this afternoon. Scaltheen and City Of London Pie for all!

))) And many more bananas as well. This is fantastic, goetter! Thanks!

In "Travis!"

I am so glad I didn't have a camcorder growing up. I use to do this exact sort of insane mix-tape cheerleading routine in my basement and I probably would have recorded one or two. Of course, I was eleven at the time.

In "Breaking News"

Wait a second...Ronald Reagan died?

In "Click here to see the story and photo."

Looks like someone needs a moisture guard.

In "Taking Life's Final Exit "

Mickey: I worked for a short time at an assisted living facility and there was an elderly woman there who was convinced that her dead husband was on his way to pick her up. Every night she would get dressed and put all of her things by the door, convinced that this would be the night he finally arrived.

In "Could This Be The Most Ridiculous Thing I've Ever Posted?"

I just realized that the reason the U.S. of A. is going to hell in a marketbasket is that, when TV stations started broadcasting 24 hours a day, we lost the ritual playing of Our National Anthem (the last time I checked it was "The Star Spangled Banner") every night at sign-off, which most people with their TVs on took in subliminally, becasue they were already asleep! But that's when the poltergeists attack! Didn't you watch the movie? Only a steady overnight feed of infomercials and soft-core porn is keeping us all from being sucked into our televisions.

In "Pen Pr0n"

If by that you mean a dirty, dirty metaphor... One thing you should know about me: I ALWAYS mean a dirty, dirty metaphor.

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