In "Six transcripts from the UK's 999 service."

As a working EMT for three years now (and a crew chief), things are much the same on this side of the pond. The two things in the article that struck a chord especially were the "uneducated (ab)users of the system," and the frequent angry demands to "just help!" Should any of the monkeys need an ambulance in the near or distant future, please remember that there is a pattern, a rhyme and a reason to everything we do and ask. It frequently doesn't make any sense from an outsiders perspective but it will do a damn better job at saving your loved one than "stop asking me questions and just help." That said, while we and the ER team do everything we can, sometimes people really are beyond help. Sucks but it's true.

In "Curious George: Moving Day"

Good to know. I will find out by the 15th, fingers crossed!

Hehe I suppose that's a good distinction. I'm looking for a neighborhood that would be low cost, safe, close to public transportation and with places to jog. If I move it will be because I got into a program at Seattle University, so the closer to there the better.

Lots of good advice guys, thanks a bunch. After some research it looks like we might be able to do the move for between $2,500-$2,700 by renting a truck and driving our car (this includes gas). I will check out Ikea's website though Fraise, thats a good idea. Next question: neighborhoods to avoid in Seattle? Disclaimer: Won't know for sure if I'm even moving for a week or so. Gotta get accepted first.

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My roommate saw me watching this and assumed someone had sent it to me personally as a warning. Think I need to cut back.

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Wow! You're all amazing, thank you so much! the big day is not until the end of July, so I should be able to investigate each and every one. Thank you thank you thank you!

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Well done. It's not an easy thing to hand back something I'm sure Johnson treasured. It would have been very easy for him to claim that since he didn't take the drugs, he should keep his medal. What a wonderful example of sportsmanship, something we see less and less of these days.

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Any monkeys from Florida with knowledge of the educational system? I'm wondering what the standard plan for special needs children is there. And would anyone know if this could be considered discrimination?

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Eeeeek!!! not sleeping tonight...

In "Phallic bomb shelters of Nazi Germany."

This is the second post from this webpage in five days. It takes forever to load and it isn't that good.

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I can totally relate with the heights thing. If it's a "safe" height, like at the top of a climb and I'm tied in, it's fine. But if theres any way that I could jump to my death, then I am terrified (internally) that I will lose it and jump. Also terrified of demonic posession. When I watched the excorsist I slpt with Rosaries for months. posting drunken

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Interesting that the highest scoring colleges had a much smaller number of books. I wonder if that's an indication that the smartest people don't use facebook, and therefore aren't represented?

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These are beautiful. Kinda spooky, but the attention to detail is incredible.

In "If someone tells you that you run like a girl, thank them:"

I really hate to point it out, but its high school, meaning the team changes every year. Fairly soon, people won't care.

The sound of a breaking bone is fairly distinctive, I don't really see how anybody didn't realize what happened. And coming as someone who competed in high school track (and placed in the state championships from sophmore year on), this is just stupid. Your health is more important than a race everyone will have forgotten in 3 months or less.

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Having two cats as opposed to one really isn't any more work, my parents recently got 2 kittens fromt he animal shelter a few months after the family cat passed at age 19. The only problem here might be Maurice accepting the new kitty. If this seems unlikely, I second the airhorn concept, though perhaps something a little less shocking? If you have neighbors close thay aren't likely to appreciate it.

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One of the more troubling reactions of Ritalin, etc. is that it blunts the sweating response. I teach wilderness medicine, and I spend a lot of time outside with people of all ages. Kids on ritalin can't sweat, and are thus far more at risk for heat stroke. This is made even worse when parents give these kids "drug holidays" from the ritalin. The withdrawal makes it worse, and you end up with a lot of superheated kids who can't pay attention for anything. Bad situation.

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Growing up in a Catholic grade school with liberal parents left me with a fairly tortured view on the morals of abortion, but really, you don't need them. My stance on abortion law is purely practical, and it is this: Abortions have been around for as long as people have been having babies. Nothing will get rid of them, but making them illegal will certainly make them more dangerous. Better to provide safe places for women to go so they can terminate unwanted pegnancies safely, rather than killing or maiming themselves, or only going halfway and birthing a deformed or mentally retarded child months later as a result of a botched abortion. And what is this crap that you can't get an ectopic pregnancy removed? There is absolutely no chance that egg will become a child; having witnessed women with this condition, denying them treatment is akin to torture and murder.

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I've got to agree with Squidranch. I don't much like GWB either but this isn't all that entertaining, and frankly, it isn't very potent as political commentary either. George is a monkey, very funny.

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At first glance, yeah, that "knobby thing" looks male, but I think it's just an (intentionally?)awkward positioning of the rear left leg.

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