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In "Court: feds don't need probable cause to track your physical location via cell grid"

you need a Faraday Cage for your phone.

In "You are easy to be around."

a very good song

In "Democracy"

"...on a conference committee considering Mr. McCain's amendment, Democratic support has been faltering." WTF??? I am completely lost here.

Let's hope McCain's anti-torture bill passes, or it's just more of this nonsense.

In "Ba Jin dies."

I very much enjoyed "When the Snow Melted", is that an excerpt from a novel or just a short story? I wish I understood Bohe's motivations a little more, though. Like the reasons he wanted to go back to China, and what prompted his altered views of domesticity.

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..Oh who was he kidding anyways. "Hold it Gabe". He stood there staring at the expectant crowd. The piercing lights of the stage forcing beads of sweat to appear. "Fuck", he began, his voice cracking. He paused to light the dangling cig. The nervous silence puctuated only by the click of his zippo and a heaving cough from the back of the room. The cool smoke tickled his throat. How had he ended up here? It didn't matter, she wasn't here. "I'm sorry, I can't do this", he mumbled, looking around confusedly. "I'm sorry." He headed for the door and paused outside to take the last drage of the stale cig and flick it into the gutter. The sun was out, and the birds chirping; perhaps it was going to be a good day...

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I think the point he is trying to make is that we all will be living within our imaginations. e.g. There are more and more information workers, we play video games etc. In other words 'living online', is a metaphor for the transition to the Information Age. I think it is generally agreed that this is indeed happening.

In "Curious George: In what order should I read the _Chronicles of Narnia_?"

The order is not chronological, I remember reading them in chronological order as a kid. I think it starts with 6 then jumps to 4...ahh I dont remember now..

In "Curious Itchy Red Patches George: Eczema."

flax seed oil tastes good.

In "Commuter Car Choice"

Dont buy an american car, it'll rattle apart, natch!

In "CuriousGeorge: Building a House"

rolypoly man, you think the shit's going to ht the fan that hard huh? Damn, I guess it's putting your money where your mouth is.

In "Married woman does her own PI work on"

That's fucking awesome! I hope that dumbass learns a lesson.

In "1) Choose Life. 2) Add To Cart."

is this a trainspottinng reference? Choose life, choose a feeding tube

In "Aol Instant Messenger (AIM) has new terms of service"

Does anyone remeber when AOL turned over it's entire archive of AIM messages to the Justice Department? As I recall it was several terrabytes.

In "What ever happened to picket signs"

Please tell me directly if there are naked boobies involved.

In "Adware and Privacy together at last."

Is this a joke? Just when you think things can't get any wierder..though considering that the US has annexed all Canadian airspace I guess anything is possible.

In "A Flash animation sketching the female body from the skeleton out."

Amazing! Thanks Tracicle.

In "Thomas Friedman & the Chocolate Factory"

Sullivan, I think this ventures into the realm of satire. It is obvious that you dislike Friedman, so perhaps you should have titled your post: "I dislike morans and I do not appreciate subtlety".

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