In "Are you man enough to survive the Cello Challenge?"

Embarrassing, I play the cello but I suck at this game. I kind of liked it though.

In "So far, about 340,000 are homeless"

My brother is up to his navel in the water, fortunately he could move his stuff up to the 2nd floor. My grandma is evacuated, and so is my aunt. .I have experienced flooding in Jakarta when I was there, but then it only lasted a day.

In "Your favourite band has teh ghey."

From the list: George Michael (texan) Thanks for warning me of George Michael being a texan..

In "BBC sez Indian men have tiny dicks."

In "Most requested songs at funerals."

Hm.. I see "pie jesu" from requiem in the list? Whose requiem? Fauré? Anyway, I would like to have Mahler's 2nd symphony (for orchestra, choir, alto and soprano) played at my funeral. Live...

In "A personal library is an X-ray of the owner's soul."

Master & Margarita - Bulgakov Der Steppenwolf - Hesse La Nausee - Sartre G0del Escher Bach - Hofstadter De ontdekking van de hemel - Mulisch What does it mean? It means I'm pretentious..

In "Mario Brothers: The Flash Series."

You have to keep playing! Else they will have died for nothing!

In "Oo-er missus! Its bigger than we thought!"

"There are repercussions, also, for women who have undergone female genital mutilation." I shudder by the thought when the mutilators find this out.

In "If you don't see this tacky film, the terrorists have already won."

I bet there where snakes on those planes.

In "Remote control gone mad."

No f# way am I connecting a pda with Microsoft pocket pc to my brain.. I'd rather do some nasty drugs..

In "Pump it til the goo shoots out!"

Finally! A Bukkake gun! Have a nice do it yourself bukkake party without those smelly crowds..

In "Some handy tips on how not to argue online."

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Right.. do I get my own talkshow now?

In "Yes, in fact, we DO do Windows."

For me, the point of running a mac is os X. The combination of a slick, consistent and ergonomic gui, a nice selection of audio software, combined with a complete unix environment is unbeatable. I see that most of my friends, including many sysadmins and developpers, but also musicians and students moved to mac. For me running windows is not really interesting, but I can see the wisdom of allowing that.

In "Snakes. On a plane."

MPAA director for worldwide anti-piracy, John Malcolm, said people needed to learn that piracy was "harmful to the people who use their talents to create movies". Good!


Shostakovich rules.. he made two of the most beautiful celloconcerto's ever. In fact, the most beautiful performance ever that I saw live was Truls Mork playing the 1st celloconcerto in the concertgebouw. I also have been so fortunate to have performed songs of Shostakovich with choir, and his 6th and 11th symphony with my orchestra. A friend of mine called his music 'swinging cynism' which is right on..

In "The Evoluon. "

Ah, this brings back memories.. when I was a kid I wanted to live in the evoluon.. and I have dreamed often about the building..

In "Curious George: OS wars."

I prefer os X on the desktop and Freebsd on my servers like a lot of cool people do.. but if you want to experiment for fun I would give linux a try (ubuntu might be a good first) or more obscure, openbsd, netbsd or plan9. Even more obscure (as in mostly academic or barely usable): minix, hurd.

In "The World Cup draw has been made."

Moaning? Ok.. oh no, not soccer again. I hate this mass hysteria and football matches seems to fill the streets of Amsterdam with the most obnoxious and backward people.

In "Curious George: Mac Image Editing"

Try giffun, for making animatied gifs, (freeware, check versiontracker), and gimp for editing (also free, but uses X11 when used with os X, which is not too bad).

In "Curious George: Favourite Books "

Hmmm.. * Master & Margarita - Bulgakov * Der Steppenwolf - Herman Hesse * House of leaves - Mark Danielewski * 1984 - George Orwell * La Nausee - Jean Paul Sartre "Quod pro quo" "What does it mean?" "It means I'm pretentious.."

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