In "Apes Capable of 'Mental Time Travel'."

what the...! sorry

Wow- they should get together with the quantum mechanics understanding babies and they could rule the world!

Wow- they should get together with the quantum mechanics understanding babies and they could rule the world!

In "Cryptogams and the NSA"

I don't really understand why he just didn't admit his attempted ruse and show them the Joyce quotes right off the bat. I also don't understand why after they knew this that it rose to the level of indictment.

In "This Castle’s Toilet Still Holds Parasites From Crusaders’ Feces."

Holy Crap!

In "The rise of the evolutionary psychology douchebag."

Wow! Until I read this article, I didn't realize how many people seem to despise the field of EvPsych. I read Robert Wright's "The Moral Animal" years ago and thought his arguments were pretty compelling. Of course, I'm a know-nothing layman but something about the the nasty tone of this article gives me pause.

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Just a word to thank Homunculus: it's primarily your posts that make MoFi still worth visiting. I hope you never stop! Thanks to you and the other posters keeping the flame alive.

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In "Evolution and Existentialism, an Intellectual Odd Couple."

Interesting, it never occurred to me that there was any potential conflict between these two concepts.

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So sorry to hear this- I remember him fondly here. RIP, my friend.

In "When You're Visited By A Copy Of Yourself, Stay Calm."

Wow- I can't imagine how strange and depressing that would be.

In "Death of the American Hobo:"

I found this oddly sad.

In "A funny yet informative article that "mythbusts" commonly held beliefs about various survival techniques. "

I just performed in San Luis Obispo. Lovely area, though looking around, it just "feels" earthquake prone".

You haven't updated your profile yet though...

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Fascinating! Thanks for this.

In "This piece explains how everything you were taught about Native Americans and the First Europeans in America is wrong."

Everything I know is wrong!

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Great to hear from all my longtime Monkey friends. I wonder how many others of the longtime Monkeys have yet to de-lurk?

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When I was in China, I expected to see Mao's Little Red Book in our hotel room's drawer, but alas, the LRB is primarily sold to tourists these days. However, I did leave China with a super-cool Mao watch that had actually fallen to pieces by the time we arrived back in the US just sitting in the box.

In "Curious, George: How are you?"

Thanks Tracicle and Dan Folkus- nice to know you folks are still around. Tracicle's post reminds me that despite my problems, I don't have to actually worry about the earth opening up and swallowing me whole!

I'm still around though I don't comment often. We're now taking care of my Mother-in-law in addition to our two kids; business is not good- the bottom fell out of the Film Scoring market, performances are rarer with the economy and people's increased propensity to stay home and commune with various types of screens so financially although things are still OK, we are closer to the edge than we would like to be. My wife has developed nerve issues in her arms and neck and has had to cut way back on performing the violin so that's both scary and depressing. OTOH, my kids are thriving, my parents are still doing OK despite being in their 80's and things could be worse. Musically, I have been a bit at sea since my dear friend and longtime collaborator, the brilliant drummer Mike Smith died. I'm tired of conventional Jazz and looking for a new direction. I've become interested in Bulgarian and Arab music and looking for people to play a Jazz-Arab-Bulgarian fusion that I have in mind but the problem is that few Jazz musicians can negotiate the considerable technical demands of Bulgarian music and most Bulgarian musicians generally suck at Jazz. Hoping to record a new CD this year but I'm not that optimistic I'll be able to do it. Sorry to go on, but you did ask! Happy New Year to all Monkeys, past and present!

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