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My Books: BRICKS: A New Book of Poems Memo To All Employees: Including the long poem, "Boilerplate: Koreshians, Potential Rioters, and Bureaucratic Complicity in American Self-Destruction. Economics: The book for those with unclean hands.
My World: Juggernaut Co.: The book company I run with designer Jonny Stepping. PoetryAndTechnology: Classroom lessons and events. Every needs poetry. Everyone needs technology. GoogObits: Obituaries and essays augmented by Google seaches. There is a lot to learn from the dead. GoogOgraphy: Second takes on original texts of our time. Streams Online Media: Where I've worked as an internet consultant for the past 6 years. Bibiliography of American Poetry told through the Pulitzer Prize: Told through the eyes of an American Performance Poet. Wesley Willis Art: Dedicated to propagating the reputation of a genius visual artist. Killer On The Loose: An idea whose time came and went. NecklacePoems: Colored, anodized aluminum pendants with a face on the front and a poem on the back. Cheerocracy: This is not a democracy. This is a cheerocracy. John F. Burns 2003: The best there is. Wide Right Turn: An incomplete look at the role of variation in a capitalist society. Letters to the Editor: Another Derivative Works site based on Letters to the Editor of my father, Jack O'Neil, of Sewickly, Pennsylvania, published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from 1990 to 2003.

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