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One is in agreement with Chyren. Logic in the application of knowledge requires a degree of objectivity, the opposite of which is glaringly evident in the responses of 'Christians' to any opinion in opposition to their own. Active refusal to accept a wealth of research and the evidence of science is nothing less than an active value grafted upon a determined ignorance. Judeo/Christian/Islamic tenet is based on the active 'nurture' of human kind's inate fears and insecurities, a need for an 'order' and/or reasons for phenomena experienced within their environment; this is coupled with the desire of some to exercise complete power over other's lives, both cultural, economic and otherwise. Add the element of an either personal or collective agenda and you view a 'belief system' which again, at best, has nothing at all to do with "morality" but rather more to do with ego and the desire for a collective and/or 'tribal superiority.' Furthermore, to thus pursue an equally active adherence to an obviously "preposterous" belief system created by members of a nomadic desert culture of 2,000 + years ago, added to and perverted by a multitude of ignorant misogynists (at best) and sociopathic sadists (at worst) and we see the divisive effects evident in the global condition of these times.

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Correction! After Chyren, of course.

VertexOfLife rules!

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"Zum Pfosten oder nicht bekanntgeben? Die ist die Frage. Epee am Gruß, großes Chyren. Ausfahrt, stadium gelassen!" Translation: 'To post or not to post? That is the question. Epee in salute, to great Chyren. Drives out, stage left!' Alternatively, a very interesting post indeed Chyren.

Zum Pfosten oder nicht bekanntgeben? Die ist die Frage. Epee am Gruß, großes Chyren. Ausfahrt, stadium gelassen!

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"Butts" notwithstanding! ;-) Gluteus Maximus. Large water containers? Butt-ocks(en). Either/or?

Porgnomes Porg = 'Persons of Restricted Growth' - To whit, Gnomes!

"The elders told the man they would sign the approval papers now, but he said to wait until his assignment was up and then he explored India. 6 months passed and he told the elders he was ready to sign the papers. But the elders said no, because the women and children were no longer using the bathrooms. They refused." ..he said to wait until his assignment was up and then he explored India." What was his assignment? His assignment was to build a bathroom. He had not completed his assignment (building the bathrooms) so the women and children refused to use it/the bathrooms, which may have been adequate (though unfinished) for the men to use, but not for the women and children.

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Tragic. A great loss for his family, Australia, world conservation, and for courageous individuality. A remarkable man who's passing may do even more for the causes he espoused. An echo of Chyren's "Salut" .. for Steve Urwin, the man who lived life with such joy and enthusiastic engagement.

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Self esteem and confidence (no matter who one is, or from whence one originates) is important for the health of the human psyche. That cosmetic surgery has become readily accessible and is in general safe, expert, innovative, healing of body and thus of mind, is irrefutable. Given social conditioning (and most certainly, historical social attitudes and conditioning) a young male or female who presents attractively has social, career and life advantages. This is again, irrefutable. Thus, if a young person (particularly in their 'teen' years) feels a need for cosmetic assistance; the consequent effect of said surgery on that person's self esteem would undoubtedly be of profound value to their future psychological and physical welfare. To illustrate one's perspective. One is fortunate to be frequently in the company of one's beautiful daughter. She lives with her mother, who remains a close friend. Our daughter is a great joy, and the wonder of our lives. At 18 yrs, she has (one is informed) an ideal body shape; to include (one is further informed) the present ideal size for chest-accoutrements. She also has a lovely face and an equally sweet nature. However one is often anxious for her, and even more often bewildered. To quote her mother. "She has enough 'bitch' in her to make her interesting!" One gathers this comment is meant to be reassuring. Our daughter is gifted, but more importantly, she exhibits warmth, empathy and compassion, as well as wit, and a humorous appreciation of the absurd. One has noticed however, that her appearance does tend to intimidate the 'male of the species'. Add that when she is particularly anxious, her facial expression has given others the impression that she is arrogant. This, one must also add, has been the cause of loud and long hilarity for us all. She is quite forthcoming in informing her 'Papa' that his opinion is "largely irrelevant", and further informs her mother that she is "mostly embarrassing!" Given that our daughter is free and forthright in expressing her opinion (on any subject) to both her parents, we are secure in observing this to be an expression of her confidence in us both, rather than that of derision. Thus we find this amusing rather than insulting. As a parent who is unashamed in adoring one's offspring, and as one who is more concerned for her individual welfare than with other's opinion on what is best for that 'general and amorphous collective of teenagers,' one is therefore similarly forthright in stating that if there were to have been, or will ever be an occasion when she felt/feels the need for cosmetic surgery, one would endeavour to provide her with that facility, and with no hesitation. One notes that recently her primary disatisfaction with her appearance is focused upon her eyebrows. (??) Somewhat bewildering but no doubt one will be informed of their significance in due course.

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'God' or 'gods' are primarily a creation of humankind's (from earliest history) desire to survive; as an explanation for suffering, and a search for a reason for natural phenomena that these days, is understood via the 'Scientific Model'. 'Organised religion' has also been a most effective and efficient means of controlling the largest number of people with the minimum amount of effort, and for a maximum return. That humankind continues to 'worship' gods created thousands of years in the past is more a matter for wonder than that any person might have little or no 'god consciousness'. Also worth a comment is that characteristics of past gods that appear to be most advertised and/or valued in the now (of the gods who have largish and vociferous numbers of 'followers' in the now) might be considered to be those of vengefulness, cruelty, murder as a form of sacrifice to said god, and the acquisition of material goods. Humankind seeks a 'god' because our brains are structured to do so. Evolution and natural selection has enhanced this particular section of brain development due, for the most part, to the fact that the worshippers of a particular god tended to stick together; thus ensuring the survival of the group/family and thus of the species: Domain - Eukarya Kingdom - Animalia Phylum - Chordata Subphylum - Vertebrata Class - Mammalia Subclass - Eutheria Order - Primates Suborder - Haplorhini Family - Hominidae Genus - Homo Species - H. sapiens (Or is that - H. erectus ? ;-) ) Survival of the species is, without doubt, 'hard-wired' into the brain. Those who behave in ways and/or commit acts that are contrary to this survival are either viewed as a threat, or are a threat to the continuation of the family/genus/species. And we all understand the word "heinous." USA TV police/crime investigation series' use that word with tedious regularity. Perhaps it is more that a measure of one's humanity lies within a desire that one pursue development as a spiritual being (with all the positive qualities that implies) rather than seek for some ancient and smelly goat herder's small concept of a 'god overseer.' That we are able to love (agape) nurture, feel and practice compassion, that we desire to heal and give of ourselves to others is human, not god-like. Add that, if one perceives in one's self a measure of conceit and hypocrisy, this presupposes that one also has the humility to do so; a quality which, while espoused by many organised religious bodies, is most glaringly absent in the majority of their followers.

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Somnolence - the affect of this location upon the populace depicted here. Snore The Woodlands. Tx.

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One's score weighed on the masculine. Somewhat low for expression recognition. One is not surprised! :-{

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The 'little critters' seem somewhat industrious. Unlike most, one finds them fascinating rather than repellant, and wonders whether the 'silk' they produce may be a recycleable resource?

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Experiencing similar difficulties, one approached non-verbal communication from a research perspective, and Roryk, agreed, Desmond Morris provides insights. One has also acquired and read a great many books on the subject of 'body language' and has learned that Body language differs amid disparate social groups even within the same country. (England, for instance). There is also much written about the subtle nuances of body language that exist within relationships. Quite apart from the fascination of the subject, one has learned a great deal and that has been of immense assistance in a great many work related, and social situations. One remains, unfortunately, uncomfortable with the use of "I" and "me" in written communication. This is a 'work in progress' .. ;P

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Laggard but eventual; a view of one computer D-t having thereon a likeness of the absolute monarch of one's household. The Beak Top

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Direct democracy: This is where everyone is given the opportunity to participate in making all policy decisions. In countries and large organizations, direct democracy is rarely utilized. Representative democracy: This approach entails people voting to elect representatives in a free and fair electoral system to make policy for them under a wide range of checks and balances to help ensure leadership accountability. Monarchy: (from the Greek "monos arkhein" -- "one ruler") is an absolutist form of government, ruled by a monarch. A distinguishing characteristic of modern monarchies is that the position of monarch often involves inheritance in some form - although this is not always the case. Dictatorship. The office or tenure of a dictator. A state or government under dictatorial rule. Absolute or despotic control or power.

One agrees with Chyren. One must add that a vulgar exhibition of might and power coupled with an absolute determination to have one's voice heard above all others are the characteristics of the fearful and the insecure. This exhibits in microcosm (an individual) as in macrocosm (a nation). In effect, one might postulate that the 'psychological profile' for the U.S.A. could be that of a timid and paranoid elderly lady, with pretentions to an aristocratic lineage; clasping a howitser in trembling hands whilst gazing at an imagined hostile world through a miniature peehole in a steel door barred with locks, hasps and chains. One might also note that whatever definition of 'democracy' the USA defines 'itself' as determining, it is somewhat unrecognisable to the rest of us.

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'The Inflated Bladder' leaps to mind. In addition: Pass and Pigskin Balls and Basement Linament and Lunkhead Jock on Down

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Illuminating, and impressive indeed Chyren.

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