In "The official God FAQ"

::disappears in a puff of logic::

In "You will become a great bore in your later years."

You have an ugly heart and are well-despised. Oh, that's what all the girls say.

In "Name that Game!"

Yeah, that Zelda clip really didn't sound like the low life alert; it seemed less annoying than I remember. (14/18)

In "I thought The Onion was supposed to FUNNY"

It's all fun and games until he actually turns out to be as bad as you feared.

In "Whoa!"

(cue the trombone)

In "Yellow tomato causes legal dillema - "

Throwing a "minute steak" results in a minute sentence. /homonyms

In "iceberg lettuce"

I was actually thinking the other day that it is not even close to being thermodynamically worth it to cultivate iceberg lettuce. Save your children from its watery terrors! Also, get out of my brain. It's too much of a coincidence.

In "Kill Bill V. I in Ascii"

Scenes, deleted from the American release? Never! Although the excised portions did make the final hospital scene a little more understandable.

In "Save Bernd!"

Q: So, uh . . . what if the rabbit dies between now and New Year's Eve? A: DELICIOUS!

In "<strike>Can't.</strike>"

Candy canes.

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