In "Hobbit Name Generator"

Ookwise Tailhanger of Bananashire

In "sad news."


In "The following is a list of sounds, where the source of the sound remains unknown"

"Upsweep" sounds to me like the spring mating call of the elusive but ardent South Pacific Amphibious Giant Sea Monkey.

In "What Happens To Us When We Die?"

That was great but perhaps one panel too long.

In "Curious George: Has the MoFi Wiki been discontinued?"

Gnomes. Chocolate. Handy little army knives. Fewer earthquakes. Wonderful experience for the young Bashis! Glückwünsche!

In "Monstrous Beasts: 14 Bizarre Dinosaurs and Extinct Species"


In "Emoki: Animal Ears You Move With Your Mind"


See also...

In "Treat Monster!"

Tenacious little beatstie!

In "Flux Machine"

Spooky, gorgeous and funny - great stuff!

In "Emoki: Animal Ears You Move With Your Mind"


In "The Skyscraper Page. "

Gorgeous indeed!

In "A funny yet informative article that "mythbusts" commonly held beliefs about various survival techniques. "

this post needs videos How to punch a shark Seems to work best on plush sharks.

In "A short refresher course in the art of the snorgle"

Love the interspecies snorgles!

In "Son of Weird Animal News!"

How about a conveniently banana-coloured, smiling Korean poo stick?

In " Gorgeous Aerial Shots of Iceland's Volcanic Rivers"

When GramMa speaks we must obey! Quite the amazing planet we've found ourselves on, ain't it?

In "Monkeyfilter 2: Electric Boogaloo"

I like a bit of colour on sites as long as readability remains paramount. There usually aren't a lot of images on the front page so a subtle colour scheme adds some visual interest. MoFi is a pretty casual and quirky place so the "professional white background" would seem a little out place in any case. Maybe we could have a few user-switchable themes to keep everyone happy. I haven't done any CSS for quite a while but if I get some time I might give it a go.

Splendid work, Mr. Foop! Love the logo!

I like either of the hanging from the branch monkeys and the bunch o' bananas.

In "Ghostly Circus"

Ghostly indeed but smoke from burning plastic? Yuck. Those glass bottle are beautiful. I was going to say that de la Rocque's work is high art but decided to refrain..

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