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drivingmenuts: the overpriced iProducts that people just keep on buying are exactly why I bought the stock! :) Keep buying, people!

I'm decidedly not on board with Apple and their range of overpriced iProducts, but I do like that each time a new one comes out, my Apple stock soars. Whee!!!!

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In other words, 72% of Canadians have no spontaneity in their sex lives whatsoever? I'm taken aback. /lurker poster, rarely this taken aback

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So, let me get this straight ... you can't burn down your own house intentionally in order to collect an insurance award, but you can collect an insurance award if your spouse sets fire to your house in a fit of rage against you. Seems like that should only be a valid insurance claim if criminal charges are brought against the spouse, or else, voila, we have a new easy insurance fraud scheme! Not saying that this is a case of insurance fraud, just sayin'.

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I have a client that is super CSS-heavy and all the sites I do for them use CSS. It takes patience, but I use only one style sheet for all browsers. It really helps to not develop for only one browser. *Constantly* look at the site on different browsers during development. When you realize you've added something that works in one browser but is all out of place in another, fix that component right away. There really are ways to make it work across browsers and platforms ... but it really is a pain in the ass. There are little tricks you can use for some problems. (I always learn the tricks by googling for my problem, and finding a messageboard thread where someone else is talking about the same problem, and use their solution.)

In "An 8th grader discovers a camera in the boys' room of his school in Jasper County, GA. "

I'm having a lot of trouble understanding how "taking property belonging to someone else" can NOT be defined as "stealing" by so many people in this thread. That is THE definition, not the strictest definition. Whether the kid intended any malice or whether the kid had a legitimate concern ... these are separate issues. I don't believe he necessarily made the right choice and I ALSO don't believe suspension was in order. But he did steal the thing, dammit! :)

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(I get 2 different sites using Safari. Same 2 sites every time ... refresh doesn't change 'em.)

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mare: I personally haven't seen this before, but it did remind me of this. (That's the first link I found that would load in a reasonable length of time.)

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The scary thing is that I'm listed under my ex boyfriend's grandmother's address. I never lived there. That never happened. I am afraid.

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Yep, I work for a direct mail company, and typos are Very Very Very Bad when they're printed that way. Call up the printer, see if they can correct the errors before printing. In my experience the printer sits on stuff for a while before anything's done with it, so you might also be able to send a whole new disk (or whatever) with the corrections and the printer will just toss the old stuff. But don't mail out the printed material with the errors....

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I've taken my cat on flights, and was always required to carry the cat through the walk-thru and put the carrier through the x-ray. Presumably the penguins could have been carried. :)

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So your debate is ... whether this is an April Fool's Day gag by Google or just a random non-April Fool's Day-related gag by Google that happened to surface on April 1?

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I believe in 48 it's Martin Short wearing Dennis Quaid's jacket. :)

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Hectorinwa, I've never heard it said "all of the sudden". Though I don't mean to imply that that means it's wrong. ;)

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Rorschach: Hm. I have a 160 gig hard drive that I bought exclusively for holding mp3s, but most of my music-listening is still off of CDs. Car, stereo in living room, stereo in basement, stereo in bedroom, etc. CDs are portable, nothing has to be copied to listen to it in another location. The mp3 listening goes on at the compuer only. (Computer at work, computer at home ... not really laptop, though, because I can't stand the tiny speakers.) So that addresses that question. :) To address the original question: Almost all of the CDs (and DVDs) I buy are through or are otherwise used, and that's where I get maybe half my music. I, uh, borrow CDs from friends often, too. Buy a lot of singles off iTunes. Back in the day of the original Napster I was a downloading fiend, but honestly, in the past couple years I've found free downloading to be more of a hassle than anything else. The programs are klunky nightmares and it takes forever to procure an entire CD. So I don't so that anymore. :) I listen to a lot of woxy too. Great, great station.

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So, is this SFW or what? Is there sound? Just HOW SFW is it? Me scared.

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I don't quite understand why eliminating the location's order-taker results in such improved accuracy. Why is the call center order-taker so much more adept than the location's order-taker? Are McDonald's franchises really just hiring truly inept order-takers? And how can this system improve accuracy on location at the bagging stage? Or speed? I've read the articles which detail the amazing increase in speed and accuracy ... but I don't get why.

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Oooh, woa, this may be a "never mind." I couldn't connect to their web site before (timeout), only NPR's, which only linked to Amazon for the CD. So ... never mind. :)

All right, how do I get a CD? It's no longer available on :(

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I'd go for one large! Thanks!

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