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Scientists are now searching for a fish who wears it's heart on it's sleeve

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Ah nuts, fish tick totally has linked that before. Good find on the Music Furthest from the Sea. There's some awesome business on thar.

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Monkeybashi is, now, really, the one true Bashi. Spermutaniyazov whatever sucked anyways.

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Oh if only I believed in a hell....

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*applauds above comment* It is all we could ever hope to be as human beings. Honest. also hearts Dawkins et all

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excellent quote from the about page on Team Fuckstar

Team Fuckstars Objectives are: Sex the girl after there knackered we go in the bathroom and nick bathplugs as theyll never know but its so annoying for them when they want a bath hehe TV Remote also nick a TV remote coz theyll never understand were its gone.

If weird porn is the scoop of this post... 500 people have sex at the same time. and, well, actually everything Team Fuckstar.

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The fact that Kazakhstan did this actually has made me laugh out loud, a couple of times. I just did it again.

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Image Hosted by

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Good work on the Hype Machine. I've been waiting for someone to post it*... it's a fucking fantastic mp3 aggregator. *because of course it would have been way too much effort for me to take the initiative

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I should give a shout out to my friend Liakos who showed me this link at his house the other day. Thank you sir.

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I hope he used lotion.

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Pussy. I'm really really good with my hands and a woman's vagina. I'm sure I'd be reasonably good with cock as well, being a sensual being, but I am frustratingly hetero.

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I'm going to post this in here just in case anyone happens to read it. I'm doing something really cool in my cafe this week. Here's the excerpt from the press release. "The Equator Cafe is hosting a five day open source programming flashmob and we have chosen the GPL'd Democracy TV ( as our project. We are centrally located in Portland, OR, and are within immediate proximity to the Oregon Convention Center and OSCON 2006. Take a break in between sessions and come down to contribute code. The event will be filmed and compiled into a short video to be broadcast on Democracy TV at the end of the week. " If any monkeys read this and are in town, come and code. (:

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Oooh, I've been liking Groove Monkey Radio as well.

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That's a great buttplug. Easy reach-around action.

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A well written and comprehensive article from Haaretz, summarising Clark's and Petrov's views. The single best graph I've found of the importance of oil in the world currency market:

1) January 1999: launch of the euro. 2) January 1999 ­ Oct 2000: euro in "bear market² versus the dollar. 3) November 2000: Iraq switches oil sales to euro. Euro's fall versus the dollar is halted. 4) April 2002: senior OPEC representative gives speech in which he states that OPEC would consider possibility of selling oil in euros. 5) April 2002 to May 2003: euro in "bull market" versus the dollar. 6) June 2003: US switches Iraqi oil sales back to dollar. 7) June 2003 to September 2003: euro falls versus dollar. 8) October 2003 to early February 2004: statements by Russian and OPEC politicians/officials that switch to euro for oil sales is being considered. Euro's value versus the dollar increases. 9) 10 February 2004: OPEC meets and no decision to switch to euro is taken. 10) February 2004 to May 2004: euro falls versus the dollar. 11) June 2004: Iran announces intention to establish oil-trading market to rival those of London and New York. 12) June 2004: euro's value versus the dollar begins to increase again.

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I can't help feeling like the world of High Fashion is a neverending spiral of pompous self-importance and impenetrable self-reference. Eh? I know nothing about high fashion. The imagery in these pictures was fascinating, beautiful, and at times socially poignant. Thanks Tracicle, great post.

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Pics of China's ethnic minorities. Includes demographic info and images of each group.

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