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*enjoys hugs*

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"hikikomori, that is oversimplifying a little." I suspected as much. ;) "Imagine having to live with that monkey on your back, every hour of your waking life." I do. But I make the choice every day not to surrender to it. I realized that I had made a series of choices from the beginning and throughout those years of my addiction and that I could make the choice to stop, deal with the withdrawal and pain, and work on the stuff that brought me to all that shit in the first place. It was easy to make the choice to keep drugging but it was hard as hell to make the choice to stop. In either case, my will was involved. The power came from me. It had to. No one else could save me but me and the only way that was going to happen is if I chose to stop the behavior. I know that the way I'm saying this sounds like I'm implying that it's easy but that's so far off. Way fucking off. There are fewer things more difficult than making the choice to stop abusing substances and going through the pain that comes with that. Is there a point of no return with addiction? Hell, yeah. I've seen it. But ultimately, the person at that stage of addiction got there in good part by the choices they made along the way.

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Squid's adorable. I couldn't find my own misery child though. Lemme take another look.

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Hmm...I guess my point in asking these questions is that I suspect addictions are the result of choices and that no matter how strong the urge is, we still choose when we continue to indulge in them. It's like there are choices all around. We choose to get help, we choose not to, we choose to surrender, we choose not to. There's power in choosing even when what you choose eats you alive. And it's that same power that can save you. And since it doesn't come from any place but you, you never have to give it to drugs, booze or a higher power. Unless you choose to.

Which part is no more an act of will? The surrendering to a higher power or to the substance?

But isn't surrendering your will an act of will? A choice? I mean, whether you surrender it to the substance or behavior or surrender it to a "higher power" you're still making a choice even if you're unaware of what motivates it, right?

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A lot of people probably thought: The ONE adverts were interesting. The buildup to the event was good. It was an okay concert. So...what else is on? click

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posted by mecurious, "Addiction is, by definition, a dependance on something that overrides your will to interrupt the dependance. Some seem to think that addiction is an expression of their will, when by definition it is an abdication of it." But isn't abdication the act of giving up power? Isn't that a choice - even if made under enormous duress? If we give our power to the substance or behavior then wouldn't that be an expression of will even though that expression was the result of abdication?

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They leave the calves exposed. Too trashy.

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From the article: "Under supervision, they turn the ignition key and throttle up to do some really big work. The park offers plenty of mounds of earth that just beg to be picked up by some gigantic shovel and dumped a few metres away." 'scuse me, i have to change my panties.

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I don't need a goddamned test to tell me I'm a sick fuck; I'm the sickfuckinggoddess! Anyway, I scored some big points on that test. I have a thing for Disney characters. *blush*

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musing, you made me laugh. When I rule the world I will spare you.

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What I like are the alphabet poops. That must be one smart fake dog.

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Most of the stuff I've read about sihr (magic or sorcery) in Islam claim that it originates from African influences on the religion. Apparently there are some places in Nigeria and other countries in Africa where the people practice a blend of Islam and Animism (ancient polytheism).

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I hope the person who replaces O'Conner is of equal or greater value. I respected her even when I may have disagreed with her. I can't say that about Scalia or Thomas or Rhenquist.

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Well yay for Canada. Thanks a lot, canucks, now we look even worse down here.

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J. Doe got it right. That chick's a moron.

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See, this is why I keep coming back to MoFi; expansive discussions about zombified dog poo which lead inevitably to gagging and swallowing filth. *sniff* There's no place like home.

opens Fes' skull, scoops out delicious brains....mmm...brains Wait, this is what scientists are busy doing? Reviving frozen dogs and creating robot lobsters? Well I guess it's better than reviving robotic lobster dogs.

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