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Do you surf, hama7? Haven't in a while, but the thought of making my own board might cause me to take it up again. I was also reminded of how much I enjoyed surfing as I watched Singlefin: Yellow recently. Highly recommended if you're a longboard glider type, or any type, really.

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Looking forward to it.

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Except that "global warming" is, actually, a heap of steaming fun. If you've ever watched ice melt in a glass of water, water expands as it cools, so ice (as is obvious to anyone who has filled an ice tray) shrinks as it thaws. This intentionally blatant nonsense is as prevalent as it is insidious. Interestingly; China, India, and Brazil are exempt from any Kyoto "protocol" restrictions whatsoever. Guess why? The Kyoto Protocol and the same article in pdf: Kyoto

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It's not a bad read, but as polemic it breaks down quickly. Agreed. Good game, though.

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The monkey yoga link was especially nice.
Primate twiddlings, homunculus.

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(Sorry, I haven't had the courage to try html stuff, yet.) You can do it, very easily, my friend. Here's a link that might help: Webmonkey, Monkeys galore. Live long and prosper, path. More skills to you! Thanks, homunculus, for always getting it.

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Happy Bergamot to all!

Don't call me a chicken!

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tracicle's posts are spiffy. Greetings, Monkeyfilter.

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