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I´m a 60 year old grump - a former martial arts teacher forced into a somewhat early retirement due to crippling arthritis of both ankles. Ex-military, ex-wilderness guide in Scandinavia, I have a university degree in anthropology that I have never used, save for a 6 month stint as a temp at our National Museum. I have translated around 60 books on martial arts into Danish and written a couple myself, I make very expensive handmade hunting knives as well as jewellery in silver and occasionally in gold, and I am interested in any number of subjects. I live with my wife and our cat in a small apartment on the Copenhagen waterfront here in Denmark, and I have travelled extensively in my younger days, so I know that I should feel privileged by my beautiful surroundings. All in all, I am pretty content with life, especially when I consider the alternative! ;-)

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