In "CBS Reported Flight 93 Crashed Into Camp David."

Listening to the whole thing unfold on the radio that fateful day, there were numerous reports that later got recanted. At one point the anchor woman said a plane hit Langley, VA, then there were reports that a hijacked plane landed in Cleveland. Just goes to show that the media is more interested in getting in first on a story than getting in first on an accurate story. I'm with those who above who know that we don't know the whole truth but I stop short of the whole planned detonations and scripts.

In "A history "

crystal. thanks.

fatodust: "Then there's that guy who thinks we really should be using 2pi instead of pi, since pi is based on the diameter, and it should more logically be based on the radius. Which is why 2pi shows up everywhere instead of just pi..." if pi is related to the diameter, wouldn't (1/2)pi relate to the radius as opposed to 2pi??? where does 2pi show up anyway??? (trying to gleen some more mathgeek info from the room)

In "The Zen of being Simpson"

"Think of her as the female George W. Bush", yeah i puked in my mouth a bit from that as well. is that an insult to her or w.??

In "I dream of old Dean Moriarty."

you mean they're selling out my childhood/young adult heros and packaging them into plastic action figures???? from what i've heard and read, no one could capture dean/neal cassady on screen, just wouldn't do it justice.

In "Cold Comfort for Echinacea Fans"

yeah yeah yeah storybored. everything pharma is derived from nature in some shape or form. their trick is to get the final product as far from descrinable from the natural shit and then discount the natural shits benefits. remember the "devil weed"???

In "London guerilla graffiti artist visits Palestine."

i love his work. very cool. but how do the natives take it??? if its on the palestinian side, wouldn't it make them feel more that what he's after??? basically, is he just making a statement or trying to inspire?>?? alas, much better than that borf crap that was floating around for a while.......

In "Curious George: Computer security."

i check my computer weekly using lavasoft's ad-aware, and spy-bot search and destroy. spybot has a resident shield that allows you to deny a change that will hijack your browser. the folks over at castle cops always are helpful when things get gnarly. they'll let you know which things to delete when hijack this comes up with some strange entries. these are all things you do after you are compromised........

In "WorldCom's Ebbers Gets 25 Years in Prison"

finally one of these douche bags gets whats coming to them. but is it just to appease the masses, make it look like they've cleaned up the mess and sweep the rest of the white collar criminals under the rug?? i guess we'll see. actuallysettle: "I've never understood why otherwise compassionate people find prison rape so hilarious/just. Perhaps they aren't compassionate." I think we all want to see this guy and his ilk do some actual jail time for his crimes. a "pound him in the ass" prison equals a real sentence while Club-Fed is a joke. Not that i would want the guys cornhole to get violated, but i wouldn't feel sorry for him.

In "Planarity."

level six is a bitch!!! anyone crack it??

In "Curious George: Summer mix for a kid-musician?"

you gotta get her into eric clapton. he put out an album recently where he only covers robert johnson tunes and its amazing. i think the key to keeping a youngster interested in their instrument is have them play songs they like -- so what is she into?? classic rock? blues? modern/alternative? punk? your cd should have some of the elements she digs on or else she may get bored......... as for some online resources that have helped me continue learning, here are a few: good chord resources: some really amazing guitarists any guitar geek should study: django reinhart ned evett fretless guitar guru charlie hunter (plays jazz with an 8 string guitar) buckethead (general weirdness but seriously shreds - links to mov) (pinkmoose: "hippie crap"?????? i only saw one dead tune and one abb tune?? i sense some pent up rage. maybe you should just smoke a j and put on some string cheese incident)

In "Beck is a scientologist!"

lots of info on those sites mct and dr.knick. i always thought it was a healthy loathing for that douche bag tom cruise behind the hatred of the scientology crowd.......

what is it about scientology that makes them so feared/hated/take less seriously than any other religion?? do people see it as a cult?? what do they do that's so much stranger than other religious groups?? "A weblog maintained by Bibbe's friend, Vaginal Davis, mentioned that Bibbe had delivered Marissa Ribisi (Beck's wife) and her twin brother, Giovanni." or is it that they have weird names like Beck or Vaginal??

In "The Lost Boys of Utah"

I, too recommend Under the Banner of heaven by the previously mentioned John Krakaur. A lot of insight into a truly crazy religion where the leader "talks" directly with "god" and can pretty much make up ridiculous laws their followers take as god's word. deadcowdan: a big reason the parents aren't brought in on charges is that in towns like colorado city, the whole place is mormon and things like polygamy and leaving sons roadside are just ignored by the authorities. supposedly towns like this prosper based on our welfare system which they've learned to completely take advantage of. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th wives are technically single mothers who often don't have jobs. When they have a bunch of kids the welfare checks start rolling in.

In "Hunter S. Thompson commits suicide. "

"And that, I think, was the handle---that sense of inevitable victory over the forces of Old and Evil. Not in any mean or military sense; we didn't need that. Our energy would simply prevail. There was no point in fighting---on our side or theirs. We had all the momentum; we were riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave. So now, less than five years later, you can go up on a steep hill in Las Vegas and look West, and with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high-water mark---the place where the wave finally broke and rolled back." farewell you bastard.

So long and Mahalo.

In "The soundtrack of the Stone Age."

the mayans were hip to this also

In "Curious George:"


In "MoFi T Shirt Orders"

1 xl here if its under $20..............

In "Curious George: Emigrating within the U.S."

this may or may not be up your alley: but i agree with those that said asheville, nc, madison, wi, or carborro, nc.

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