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"One mother had run, barefoot, from her job in the CBD to find her child, probably a good five kilometres." Actually it was that observation that made me burst into tears. She was probably wearing high heels and decided to chuck them to run to get her little one. 5 kilometres running over quake ravaged ground barefoot to get her child. If you need an example of the bond between mother and child you won't find a better one. We shouldn't be quipping about it - we should be sending her Jimmy Choos to thank her for her inspiring journey.

So awful. Was so glad to read that confirmation of OK on Facebook.

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Yes that's the one!

Hehehe I snorted coffee out of my nose when I saw the "hammocks" pic.

What a cute little site. One of these people is the founder of a type of aerial yoga? WTH is aerial yoga?

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Me likey!

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Where's the pamphlet if he is? Oh hope me Christwire!11eleventy!!

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I saw this over on the blue. Copycat!! (~_^)

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That is awesome HuronBob! I'm pretty pleased with this one I took yesterday. It was also delicious. Mini Blueberry Pancakes with Mango Stars & Strawberry Hearts

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Monkey see, monkey do? (~_^)

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What a day of drama that was. We were on an evacuation alert - with sirens and announcements but luckily didn't have to in the end - although tens of thousands of people did across Japan. We were very lucky - the biggest tsunami was 1.2 metres. Some damage but no injuries and no deaths. It was the biggest warning in Japan for 17 years - and it went on for hours until authorities were absolutely sure the tsunami had stopped. Here's a list of tsunami observed - as you can see the entire Pacific coast had tsunami of some degree.

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*pant pant*

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I almost peed myself watching the "Total Eclipse of the Heart" one.

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Thanks for the comments kids! I am working hard at making em gooder! Interestingly perhaps EdArzakh I cook most of the food I photograph and I not Japanese (~_^).

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Stupid me just *had* to press the damn button....

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My new photograph portfolio! Wheeeeeeee!

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I really liked this. So positive.

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