In "Who's Who of classic game programmers"

The Midway Arcade Treasures collection has an interview with Rob Craig, the guy who programmed Rampage . . . ALL of it. The code looks like it would fill eight Chicago phone books.

In "Surf Movie Posters"

Surely Surf Nazis Must Die needs mention as a classic 80's flick.

In "Trivial George"

I'm saving my skillz for the do-something-with-information-game.

In "Nintendo Records"

I'd like to see a Solomon's Key time attack without warping.

In "Man peed way out of avalanche."

I bet he's pissing himself now.

In "deranged young fella makes super-KitKat"

I would have traded a 100 grand for that big KitKat.

In "Project Implicit"

Do they offer a neutral test where there shouldn't be any real associations that could affect your response time? I'd like to compare my reaction times on some real tests with a neutral one.

In "Curious George Responding Style"

I usually just respond to myself.

In "The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience. "

God hates blanks But I thought every sperm was sacred?

It's possible to fill in the blank(s) in the statement, " I'm ____ (____ ... ____) (than you); I don't believe in God(s)." You just have to be careful how you do it, and with what you want to say.

In "The Angel Light."

I once had this EMP/stealth-radar/weapon/see-through-thingy. First I tested it on my eyes and when I got radiation damage I tried on my hand and then pets. At that point it was time to call it quits and I threw it in the trash.

In "Every Nintendo game,"

Anyone up for a Zanac high score contest?

When someone knows about Abadox, they know their Nintendo games.

In "golden gate bridge jumpers filmed."

Ah, it might be best to put a barrier on the bridge without telling people. That way people will still go out there for a while at least, and when they can't kill themselves (unless they jump into traffic), they have a chance to reconsider.

In "Dr. Gene Ray interviewed on TechTV"

It's possible the guy is a comic "genius" of sorts, and he can keep up a guise better than the best Andy Koffmen (just in case, that is spelled wrong on purpose). Oh, how I wish this to be the case; he'd be something of a troll god.

In "golden gate bridge jumpers filmed."

It's weird, but I would guess that without the mythology/grandeur/symbolism/what-have-you of jumping off this bridge the barrier could prevent suicides. Personally, I'd like to go off the Burj Tower when it's completed.

In "Now there are 2001 uses for WD-40"

If this thread dies could people take up the challenge of coming up with a more catchy two-letter/two-digit combo than "WD-40"? How about XT-26 as a nice, Homestar-Runner-referenced start. Also: CocaineFilter, 40Filter and all that.

In "golden gate bridge jumpers filmed."

... and by "loser" I think majcher meant that they've "lost" in the afterlife, as in they will be suffering in hell forever and ever and ever.

does anyone else find that completely abnormal? Nothing abnormal about desperately trying to draw attention away from the real/interesting issue(s).

In "Now there are 2001 uses for WD-40"

Since it would be simple to circumvent, this plan is obviously about punishment and not prevention. The police are hoping the first few dopes who try it poison themselves. The cops are also trying to feel smart like chemists, but they're not even dumb chemists.

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