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Heh, maybe mathowie should just have a sidebar link for all the shitty threads in one. The FPP stops mattering around comment 15.

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Ginger Spice. With a girlfriend as Baby Spice and a Gay black male friend as Scary Spice.

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Ugh. I'm so ashamed that I scored a 10/10 after 4 pints of hoppy beer. Then again, if I were truly ashamed, I most likely would not have posted my KICK ASS SCORE!!!11!!!1ONE!! w00t! for my lazy-assed Americanism!

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w00t! Great link! I can't wait for the movie. And, because I love it, my favorite bit of dialog:

Kaylee: Everybody's got somebody... Wash, tell me I'm pretty... Wash: Were I unwed, I would take you in a manly fashion. Kaylee: 'Cause I'm pretty? Wash: 'Cause you're pretty.
Eh, not as good as the performance. But still classic.

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My absolute favorite version of this song is on the Angola Prisoners' Blues CD. I heard it once on the Dick Spottswood Show one Sunday afternoon. I can't pinpoint exactly why, but I listen to that song about once a week.

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Yowza! One unable republican sonorously examined light veracity, exiguous solecism.

Greenspan reads occult writings. Laboriously, if Nickdanger gossips surely.

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Since I'm not about to self-link for an fpp, in looking for the exact source of Dubya's statement, "the truth of the matter is if you listen carefully Saddam would still be in power if he were president of the United States and the world would be a lot better off" I found some discrepancies in the transcripts in how that line was represented. whee! So read my bjournal...

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It actually was a missile.

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When I discoverd than an ex had a keylogging program, to see if he was reading my email I sent ambiguous mail to myself as an old flame. (yay helo!) When the ex kept hinting around to see what I had been doing on nights I had "dates" with the old flame, I knew what was up. The saddest part of the story is that I didn't confront him about it: I wrote him a long letter and left it in my postponed message box. I suspect it was one of the girls, and I would have had a little fun before closing the account. If a girl is that psycho, she probably isn't much fun in the long term.

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How about if I refute myself, eat crow, and submit that a simple snopes search proves this website wrong. Serves me right for allowing the fancy flash to get me all worked up. This is very bad news for me.

Just out of curiousity, what is the point of this? There's no dispute as to what happened at the WTC, and the Pentagon crash is almost forgotten, where was the benefit to stage a fake attack? If you want me to go all Illuminati on you, there are theories that 9/11 was the enactment of the "Killing of the King" ritual, designed to invoke mass hysteria and unite the populace. Personally, I want to know where those missing videos are, and having not read 9/11 Commission report in its entirety, I wonder if they are mentioned there at all.

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As a lady a mefi/mofi troller (and I'm referring to this), I'd love to come out to this. But like some the others, later is better than earlier, and the time would be closer to 8 ish.

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captainsunshine: :) At least we're spreading the good word of Lakoff.

Actually, I think this phenomenon comes down to rhetoric. Here's George Lakoff on his view. That article links to this one that basically says that in taking up the Republicans' turns of phrase, the Democrats have done themselves in. An example of the linguistic trickery of Rove and Co. is how they've managed to villify blatent war heroes (Kerry, McCain, and Cleland) while the incumbents have five deferments and a national guard post to their names. Read Paul Krugman for what he terms the "Rambo Coalition." (last is nytimes link)

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