In "D.A.N.C.E."

I saw them in Montreal last month and they were all sorts of awesome. Though I was disappointed with the lack of cross.

In "Exchanging a paperclip for a house, by degrees."

It was at Queen's, and this event is still going on. (I was a frosh two years ago).

One of the events at my School during frosh week at involves something like this. It's called "Bigger and Better", and your frosh group starts off with a campus newspaper. At the end, everyone gathers at the local park, showing off what you're able to get. Some groups manage to get fire trucks, police cars, permits to bars, and tanks (the Royal Military College is a hop, skip and a jump away from our university).

In "Curious Pearl Jammin' George"

Do the Evolution One of my favourite music videos.

In "Star Wars as it should have been"

Oh my god! I can't stop laughing!!

In "Have you ever wanted to make a webcomic?"

Haha! This rules! Check plus (or, as they say, ))) )

In "M.O.N.K.E.Y. Episode 5: Attack of the Clowns"

Making extra sausages seemed almost genuinely easy.

In "Curious George: Ah, evening(s) in Toronto."

There's an amazing Greek restaurant that's off the Chester stop on the subway. Walk north to Danforth, and then make a...I want to say, left. If all else fails, just walk along King Street (make sure you wonder West of University), and you'll come across some amazing restaurants that specialise in deliciousness. Or just head down to 'Little Italy' (on College Street) and, at random, pick a restaurant to dine at. There are thousands of restaurants you can find by just simply wondering around TO.

In "M.O.N.K.E.Y. Episode 5: Attack of the Clowns"

Simple! Wouldn't our real dad succumb whilst applying lustful love over willful entities? Rightfully sleazy!

In "Mashups!"

One of the best mashups I've heard is one between Queen and Daft Punk. It was called Another One Bites the Funk...and holy amazing. It was by Party Ben.

This is amazing!!

In "Sir (or ma'am), you're making a scene."

I once got my voice to echo at the Skydome (or the "Rogers Centre", as it's called now). Also, my friend used to go into random stores in the mall, beatboxing, and I'd follow, breakdancing in the shittiest way I knew how.

In "This is the disgusting, vile, anti-christ thing anti-gay rights groups are lobbying against."

I'm sorry you think it's a terrible post. I was just trying to show how baffling it is for me to understand why some people hate the idea of gay marriage. The video made me smile! How could anyone hate something like that? It's cute!

In "An Alabama State Represenatative doesn't see that banning of homosexual authors and books with homosexual characters as censorship."

Yeah...what is this agenda they keep talking about? And as my friend states: reading something on Sheppard wouldn't convert someone into being gay--it'd scar them for life.

In "Wes Anderson á la The Decemberists"

That was fantastic!

In "Kentucky student gets arrested for writing a short story."

I can't believe that actually happens. There really are no words...except those.

In "Metric USA"

The same would be true if the rest of the world adopted the American system. Why the hell would the rest of the world adopt the American system?

I really don't see what all the fuss is about. Does the English system not work? I mean, can we not, you know, measure things with it? Assuming the answer is yes — and I'm not aware of any reason why it wouldn't be — then everything else is just preference. Yeah, but if the US converted to the metric system, then stuff like the Mars Climate Orbiter spacecraft crashing into Mars due to using two different system of units would have never happend.

Yeah, I would love the US to adopt the metric system, because working in english engineering units is a pain in the ass.

In "Geek tattoos."

I'm still proud of my Smaug tattoo...but after going through these, I really want another one five. Up with science and video games! I also still can't believe how tacky some of these tattoos are. Yuck.

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