In "Papa Spank!"

Reminds me of the always-amusing, or the "context is for the weak" tag on scans_daily (probably NSFW; also, probably the least subtle innuendo you've ever seen).

In "An Adventurer is You!"

By the way, there are now bananas in KoL. So if you've thought about joining, but were concerned about a lack of monkey-friendly items, fear not.

In "The New Adventures of Hitler."

I'm a bit of a Grant Morrison fan, and I've never seen this, so thanks very much for posting it, dng. Can't wait until I have the bandwidth to read it.

In "An Adventurer is You!"

(just a note to say that MoxiousGas will be applying to the Mofi clan as well)

In "New-look Archie Comics"

I second the recommendation of Improved_Archie.

In "Randall's very blind date."

As long as I'm updating this, I might as well include this new link I'm sure you'll enjoy: The Cutest.

In "M.O.N.K.E.Y. No. SE7EN"

Nervously uttering mathematical equations, rather old logicians occasionally go insane, saddening their students.

In "Girls read comics (and they're pissed)."

Yeah . . . female depictions in comic books tend to be not so good.

In "Randall's very blind date."

New sites by the xkcd guy, in the same vein as Best Thing: The Fairest The Funniest

In "Confused George: Probability Problem"

Look at some extreme examples of this: if there were zero blue taxis in the town, but you identified the sideswiper as a blue taxi, the odds of the taxi actually being blue would still be zero regardless of your percent success rate at identification. On the other hand, if you were 100% successful at identifying the taxi's color, the ratio of the taxi colors wouldn't matter. In any intermediate case, the color of the taxi does depend on both your skill as a witness and the ratio of the town's taxi colors.

In "Calvin & Hobbes Mash-Up"

This calls for some music.

In "Smile (A Dental Drama)"

Apparently there's an interview of Raina and Dave by Winter McCloud, who's 11. Highlights include Dave explaining the engagement comic while he has a bear on his head.

In "Who's whose in the DC universe?"

I don't believe it. There was a robot Egg Fu. Scroll down to the end.

In "White Ninja Comics."

COMMENCING REVITALIZATION Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: one-panel wit. Dr. McNinja: he's a doctor. He knows science. Alien Loves Predator: [hums Odd Couple theme] and Shortpacked: come for the "I'm Batman. I can breathe in space" jokes, stay for the nerdy toy-store storylines.

In "Verbs Intellectual Property"

This bad news, then? Microsoft and verbs, Microsoft and intellectual property - I without verbs unless with royalty fees? Not convenient, because I unintelligible when verbs not in my sentences.

In "Man wants op to remove extra organ"

heh, heh

In "Tiny Animals on Fingers."

D'oh. And Stuffonmycat, Baaaabyanimals, Cats in Sinks, etc. have all been posted here already. Wait! Has Baby Animalz showed up here yet?

In "The worst of all dooms..."

The dog at the top? Brown labrador mixed, I do believe (sorry to spoil the alliteration, but I was just reading that comic earlier). I guess maybe there could be . . . uh . . . Loss, Lifelessness, and a Labrador? I got nothin'. By the way, Thanos is quite the tough guy, except when he's fighting a small child or Squirrel Girl.

In "Tiny Animals on Fingers."

Before anyone asks - yes, there is a snake on a mothat&*(@in' palm.

In "M.O.N.K.E.Y. No. SE7EN"

Spitting upon referees' relatives or unloading nostril deposits is not good sportsmanship.

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