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Alnedra, if you are serious, I disagree about that cat being a fake. I know many cats, including one that my family owned, that had a love/hate relationship with being scratched that way right above its tail (most cats react in some extreme manner when you scritch them there). The ones with extreme reactions would usually make sort of weird sound and, the kicker, a few would do exactly what this cat does at the end: make a little licking motion in the air. So this cat is definitely real! See also this this thread on MeFi about "lick spots" and "ass buttons."

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Delurking to throw in my two cents on cat barf. One possibility that hasn't been raised is Inflammatory Bowel Disease. My older cat has been on prednisone for ten years for IBD. The only way to definitively diagnose IBD is by stomach biopsy, but a vet can make a differential diagnosis by ruling most other possibilities out. After having him scoped in both directions, I drew the line at the biopsy. The prednisone has reduced his barfing from once after every meal to once a week. Anecdotally, I recently switched my boys from supermarket canned crap to the expensive organic canned crap from the pet store and they both barf a lot less. I just don't think their little stomachs are meant to digest corn and grains and all the other non-meat stuff they put in most commercial cat foods.

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I am a disgruntled bookseller.

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You know, you can still get some of that retro, old-stylee internets lovin' at echo (and the Well).

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If it's not lined with tinfoil, I don't want it.

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Actually, Koko's Kitten, AllBall, was run over by a truck. Every time I read the book I cry when it gets to the part about how they break the news to Koko about AllBall and she signs "sad, sad, sad."

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Good Lord. Monkey lawyer overload! I don't have a whole lot to add to what has already been posted except to say that there is no right method of preparation that works for everyone. I always advise people to take a prep course - if only because it imposes discipline on the study process. One point that I don't think anyone has made is that the LSAT is only one part of the admissions puzzle. And arguably it is an increasingly irrelevant part of the puzzle. Schools may use raw scores or percentiles to make the first cut, but beyond that experience and undergrad performance are much more important. So if your credentials are really strong, I don't think you need to sweat getting into the 99th percentile. Having said that, I am proud to say that I had the lowest undergrad GPA of my entire class entering law school, and those low expectations were entirely borne out. My name is Ereshkigal, and I am an underachiever.

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I found monkeyfilter through the late, lamented kittenfilter. Do not diss the kittens.

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I totally second everything that has been posted so far, with some caveats. A cat's personality makes a huge difference, and unfortunately, to a large extent, that's an unknown with a small kitten. I agree that with a cat that young, a companion kitten is absolutely necessary. It really isn't much more effort. If the kittens have never been outdoor cats, they won't know what they're missing. And when you live in an apartment, they quickly discover that getting out the front door only leads them to the uninteresting hallway - not the fascinating world of squirrels and pigeons they see out the window. They *do* love to have pets. I've had various rodental-type pets over the years, and the cats LURVE them. (The mice, OTOH, are completely oblivious to the very large predator on the other side of the glass.) Cats will spend hours with their noses pressed to the glass, making those ridiculous "ek ek ek" noises. (Do, however, make sure the mouse cage is absolutely secure.)

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Being childless and likely to remain so, this part depressed the hell out of me for some reason: "Toward the end of our conversation Humphrys pointed out something I hadn't considered. The same process works going forward in time; in essence every one of us who has children and whose line does not go extinct is suspended at the center of an immense genetic hourglass. Just as we are descended from most of the people alive on the planet a few thousand years ago, several thousand years hence each of us will be an ancestor of the entire human race

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31. Mostly thanks to being an Army brat with a Dad who treated vacations like field exercises, with the goal being to conquer as many sights as possible in any given day. They're all in Europe or America though.


I just wanted to say that I find any mention of Godwin's Law to be completely ironic. Having shared an online community with Mike Godwin, no poster, possibly in the history of the internet, is more likely than Godwin himself to provoke situations of such vehemence and vitriol that "his" law must be invoked on a regular basis. Nice guy in RL, but a complete PITA in any posting situation. This is a complete aside, but I am a Baby Monkey , and am hoping the troop will be indulgent. Also, could someone please groom my ticks? Thank you.

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BBS days aren't over! Echo and the Well are still alive and kicking, and you can still telnet to both. Yeah, they're both smaller than their heyday, but both still provide a strong sense of intimacy and community. (This is my first post. Be gentle with me.)

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