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Wow! Thanks for all the info - I don't have any trouble sleeping but do have some problems with my joints especially when it's about to rain. I had no idea my DC addiction and my bones could be connected. Now I really am going to have to slowly get off this fiendish stuff.

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For flights from the US I love using skyauction - I once got a one way flight on from San Francisco to London on virgin for $120!

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Strangely enough... I do! I remember going with my parents to see what I can only assume was the same thing, but in Cardiff. Perhaps the Blue Whale went on tour? I can't find anything about it online but I remember being very very small and the whale being incredibly big. I think I was about seven at the time (I'm 33 now!)

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that's fab! I love it!!

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Yup - I'll be with the Dance Commando's at 4.30 and Earth - we'll have pimms and dancing

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oh yeah! this is way cool - I think the e-mails come about once a month... so far the quality of the material within has been outstanding.

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rushmc - sorry!

rushmc - I understand why I dislike Bush but what I don't understand is why you like him so much... What is it about him that makes you want to vote for him and keep him in power? I'm genuinely interested and not trying to get a rise out of you, I'm just curious.

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South Bank works muchly for me - or anywhere central really although it's possible to book a table at a bar called porters in poland street (just off oxford street) at anytime AND online too! won't be here at the beginning of september but august works for me

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It's already hit the cinemas in the UK and was quite probably the best film I've seen this year!

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