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It isn't a calendar, but I know some folks who use a fairly low-cost program called Auberge. It's no longer being developed, but was originally set up for Hostels. I don't know what's involved in setting it up, but the folks I know have set up the different rooms, cabins, etc. in it, and they aren't techies by any means.

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Update: film 3 really shows the cat-like movement the best, and there are stills from the intro page for those with limited internet speeds or patience.

You can find the movies here, a good wikipedia article here, and a compilation of recent sightings here. Thanks for the link and reference chyren and tenacious (or do you prefer TP?).

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Bernockle - sorry to be oversensitive. It's just that I am a brilliant schemer, but I hate to be outed as one.

"get people to accuse you of self-linking" Yep, it's pretty clear from the language used that I was begging to be accused of self-linking. I thought it was about bananas and pancakes! I aim to please: I love bacon So does Kevin (somebody had to) We missed the Bacon Fun Fair, though (scroll to Aug 18) and to bring it around full circle, someone's photos (not connected to me in any way) under the heading of Assorted Bacon, including a Ped sign modified the same way as in the original post. Coincidence? ))) ~ ~ ~ (soon to be internationally recognized as symbol for bacon) O O O Pancakes

Man, what a tough crowd! 1) Not self linked, or even anyone I know, although it is someone from KC. Here's a self-link in case you burn yourself on the bacon hand-dryer. 2) Sidedish - link didn't work? 3) Boyish as in youthfully playfully middle-aged, certainly younger than dirt :) 4) Suitable for my workplace, but I've seen threads here where someone was blasted for something that I considered mild. I figured better safe than sorry. Sorry to disappoint you. 5) Eh, I still like the signs.


Johnson jammies Nut knits

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If you really want a great analysis of fascism, what it is and how close we are, check out Orcinus. His "Rise of Psuedo-Fascism" link on the left column leads to a PDF of what was originally seven essays, and is chilling in its conclusions.

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Years ago I was dating a woman as she was having a psychotic episode (OK, that happened with more than one, but that's a different story). I was with her the morning that it began, in a store where I was facing a big window onto a busy street. I said that she seemed frightened, and asked about it, and she said: "You want to see fear, look!" and pointed to the window behind her, which she couldn't see and hadn't been near. Just then the view was obscured by an Army tank on a flatbed stopped at the traffic light. No reflections, no way to have seen it, not a military base within 50 miles. She's OK now, BTW.

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Who knew that the tin foil hats were to protect the aliens from being summoned by us?

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I take back everything I said - go with the tattoo. He'll be the coolest kid in elementary school. You could all three get your family portraits tattooed on you. Or cartoon characters, so he'll be cool, and then grow into funky hip kinda thing. Or zombies. Zombies'd be killer (yes, the whole point of this post was to use that line, why?)

If moving's the fear, it's possible to plant in a publically owned place, like a parkway or similar places. You'll need to check with the City Forester, who will have to have input into species and location, but then you could make it a community act, kinda like a wedding is.

I'm with moneyjane and patita - it's perfect. He'll defnitely remember this day, and especially the parts you focus on him, like whatever you present to him. You could, for example, give him an acorn - either the real seed or one made of silver, that you then link to the plan to plant whatever kind of tree he wants, that the two of you create together. Maybe you'll choose a maple instead, represented by a leaf, and maybe you decide to check the tree yearly and write down how much it's grown, and what's happening in each of your lives each year when you commemorate it, etc. But talk it over with him, ask him if he thinks he'd like to do it, and what would be fun. That means he's helping to plan the wedding, and he'll have a natural role in the anniversaries as he and the family grow together. Or maybe that's what you were thinking....:)

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Yeah, the muscles were the ones that got me, too.

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A horror movie script came to me in a flash after reading this. It's something in the water - scientists studying it get splashed during the explosions, and it's absorbed through their skin. A few hours later: scientific explosion! Our heroes must figure out the answer, avoid getting splashed, plus all the usual horror movie tropes. I think it's gotta be a hoax.

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The best thing I learned from my four years in the Navy - I use it nearly every day: "Righty tighty, lefty loosey." (True in the US, not sure of other countries) Looking down from the top, turn right, or clockwise to tighten, left or counter-clockwise to loosen. Works with nuts & bolts, jar lids, most faucets, etc. Borax may take up to 3 weeks to work, but roaches carry it back to their nests (or colonies?), and so is a great long term solution. As a laundry supplement borax is great, and doesn't have the environmental costs of bleach. Until recently I thought everyone knew this: magnets will only stick to ferrous, or iron-containing metals. If you water your grass, watering deeply once a week is better than shallow daily. In fact, thatch, which a lot of Americans care about far too much, is cause by a combination of shallow watering and over fertilizing. If you don't water, the grass will go dormant if it's too dry, and will come when the rain does. Windows users can save lots of time waiting for their computer to start up by using hibernate, though pre-XP versions still need to be restarted pretty often.

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AnswerBus or BrainBoost returned 3 answers each; BrainBoost or AnswerBus also returned 3 answers, but BrainBoost included this the second time around: * AnswerBus , a natural - language Web search tool I mentioned a while back that attempts to answer questions you enter, has some competition. Its called BrainBoost and it looks even better. and notice that BrainBoost provides two useful answers in the top 10 results, while AnswerBus provides none. Does it learn from previous questions? And BrainBoost was much faster!

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I don't use Hotmail, but had seen this extension which might help: Hotmail Tabs allows you to take full advantage of tabbed browsing within Firefox when using Hotmail, which by default prevents you from doing so. A bonus is that links within emails no longer have to appear in Hotmail's frames when clicked. Also found this brief discussion, including a comment from a program manager at Hotmail trying to debug what may be a similar problem.

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Return call: Mr Lyon (insert number of local zoo) I know - old, tired, but fun to watch.

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OK, I just gotta say it: ya'll are strange (Yes, that IS what attracted me. So?). But I grew up with dogs. You mostly don't want to keep what they drop. I don't hate cats. My wife had one for the first several years of our marriage. Maybe if I cleaned more often I would have noticed whiskers dropped by her cat (in amongst the piles of dog and cat hair)?

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