Oh man, rhiannon, that book is something else - did you check out the accompanying website? The letters are hysterical: when Arnold wears the fire engine with the ladder extended, it comes up so high he can blow on it and make it sort of quiver...and I find it really gets me going. Prue, Auckland

In "The 'act making Emergency Supplemental Appropriations for Defense, the Global War on Terror, and Tsunami Relief' includes the real-id."

They're going to make a(nother) mint off us orrible immigrants - my visa has expired and been renewed four times in the last seven years, and my husband's work permit has expired annually for 15 or so years. And I'm not at all comfortable with turning airline clerks and bank managers (models of politeness and efficiency they) into immigration experts, willing and able to deal with the subtleties of particular visa cases (which are never black and white, otherwise we'd have green cards). I mean, most INS employees have trouble with the many and varied statuses it's possible for us to be in, I can only imagine the pain-in-the-arse explaining to some traffic cop why your drivers licence says expired but your visa has been renewed because the DMV is running late or your change of status is provisionally approved but the visa isn't issued yet and . . . . . (NYC resident, incidentally, and my drivers licence has TEMPORARY VISITOR UNTIL OCTOBER 2006 scrawled on it in huge red letters).

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