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I believe when the original article appeared a few months ago someone called the cops for confirmation and they denied they said what was quoted. It was on Metafilter but I'm too lazy to look it up.

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I thought the list was excellent and agreed with most of the choices. I would have added Carnal Knowledge as it runs the gamut throughout the decades and hits the mark, imo. Lovely & Amazing would also fit, though no one saw it. Maelstrom, also, and Rosetta and The Dreamlife of Angels if foreign films are eligible. Yes, when I think of real women, I think of carrying guns around, shooting those guns, and killing people. Well, there are women who've done those things, no?

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kmellis is right on my definition of compromised as well. I used the term to mean that no one hacked mefi or mofi but simply obtained your login due to your own lack of protecting it, whether that be writing it down, telling it to someone, sending it in an email, or leaving it on your computer and allowing someone else access to the computer, or something else altogether.

accusing me of deliberately posting my u/p just to screw over MeFi You may not have been referring directly to me but I did think someone was fucking with MeFi so I'm gonna respond. First, I wasn't accusing you. I have no idea who "you" are. All I saw was that someone signed up with Mefi within the last 2 weeks and that their info was on Bugmenot. The simplest conclusion to come to is that it was done on purpose. At least that's my opinion. (Compare it to the more elaborate: a) someone signed up, had their account hacked and then the hacker (rather than use the info to post him/herself) goes to Bugmenot and submits the info in the hopes that someone else is gonna find it and fuck up Mefi or b) someone signed up at MeFi and was stupid enough to share their info with someone who posted it to Bugmenot.) Anyway, I'm sorry that your account has been hacked (or compromised, which seems more likely to me), but please don't take the accusations of wrong doing on MeTa personally. I'm sure most people who made them don't have a clue who you are.

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Sidedish, you can go on IRC and take any name that is not currently being used on IRC. It's not hacking, it's just the way the system is setup.

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Get? There's nothing to get. I just thought it was a cute distraction with a good soundtrack.

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Toronto: Danko Jones The Constantines Cuff the Duke The Deadly Snakes Shotmaker (defunct) Bob Wiseman [mp3] Shikasta Lullabye Arkestra [mp3] Do Make Say Think Herschel Savage and the American Flag Jon-Rae Fletcher and the River Pony Da Look Slutarded I Am Robot and Proud Controller.Controller Death From Above 1979 C'mon Polmo Polpo [mp3] Rockets Red Glare (defunct) [mp3] Pretty much anyone on Three Gut Records

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