In "The most fearless animal in all the animal kingdom?"

That honey badger is covered in bees!

In "That bedroom scene was pointless..."

Holy awesomeness of everything

In "Late night talk-show for sale, barely used"

As usual, Craig Ferguson puts it all in perspective.

In "Human Jumbotron"

I've been told I'm a human Jumbotron. No, wait. I've been told that just means I'm fat.

In "FOX News - "

Unless Iraq releases its birth certificate, we'll never really know that it's not Egypt.

In "If you lived a quarter mile from school,"

You can do it, Otto!

In "I'm not THAT drunk am I??"

Yes, you are. Oh, shit! Wait...

In "Curious Snowed-in George:"

Mostly sunny and mid/upper 70s in Gainesville, FL. In a couple of days, I get to leave this and go to freezing-ass Pittsburgh. Next year, everyone's coming to visit me.

In "And now, a singing crocodile dressed as a cowboy teaches you to meditate."

How can I relax when there's a cowboy-eating crocodile on the loose?

In "The 10 best US tv shows you're not watching."

Unfortunately, Pushing Daisies has been canceled, which is probably why it's not on this list.

In "How much dus a blue whales clit weigh?"

Don.t have any friends best friend is dead Well, that was fun.

In "Rebuild the Party:"

Personally, I like the trucknutz idea.

In "Patronising American tries to tell the Brits they drink too much."

From the comments: I went to a dinner party the other night. The new yorker sitting next to me was brash, rude, passive-aggressive and generally unpleasant, so I stayed quiet for the first part of the meal while enjoying a little wine to dull the pain. Later I made sarcastic remarks about her she didn't understand.

In "Booms! 'splosions! Bangs!"

Level 19 is suck.

In "If you are under 40, you probably won't get this."

At first I didn't get it, but then Probiotics changed the way I live.

In "Build your own fantastic contraption"

I lost on level 2.

In "The Big Picture"

I hope they don't put the GIANT FLAME THROWER on the Segways.

In "Christopher Hitchens "

Wow, so he went from "waterboarding isn't torture" to "Yay, torture!" It's impressive that someone could go through such and experience and come out with an even more repugnant view.

In "Curious George Audible:"

If you play video games, you'd get confused very quickly if you got L and R backwards. Relevant Ask Metafilter thread

In "A piglet on a farm in northern England"

From the BBC article: "Owner Andrew Keeble from Thirsk, North Yorks, said his daughter Ellie, 12, suggested kitting her out in the tiny footwear which had been on a key ring." From the Mirror article: 'Andrew, 42, added: "We scratched our heads for a while - then came up with the idea of having some boots custom-made for her."' And I remember the article linked in the MeFi post said something about the boots being pencil holders. WHERE DID YOU GET THE BOOTS? WHAT ARE YOU HIDING? Also, the pictures show the pig wearing boots on all feet, while the video shows it wearing boots only on the front feet.

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