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I know a guy who survived this one. He says the few seconds between takeoff and ravine-landing were the longest and quietest of his life. No one on the plane made a sound. I can't imagine .. though I get the creeps every time I think about it.

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Woah, good find.. That guy's got some skills. Imagine trying to sleep with this staring at you?

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Hook Magazine provides a valuable service, I'm sure. But the guy with 3 concentric rings for a mouth? Uh ...

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kangaroo-strike for coriolisdave.

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Do you guys get that vile piss over in America? We have it in Canada, and folks seem to like it. Living out Paul Hogan That's-Not-A-Knife fantasies, or something. But people get that way with any foreign beer, no? I saw Fes describe Molson Canadian as liquid gold, and I thought "yeh, Liquid Gold." Chacun a son gout.

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Each 'x' is so taxing

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But how come the top and bottom aren't distorted, where he had to turn the camera He touches on that here. I think the extra-long focal length helps reduce distortion too.

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Mmmmmmmm, limited edition Ricky. *drools*

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The pictures of bridges coming down are wild. So coordinated, they're graceful. Here are some videos that captured my attention.

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(This looks like that VSM article.)

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Ya lloyder, you use HTML 'anchor' tags to create the links. GIS an HTML primer (like this one) if you need some background. MetaPhilter will strip most HTML tags, but you can use <a>, <b>, <i>, <u>, and <strike>. You can not use <blink>

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I like the way it's done in Vietnam.

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Also: Cameras for everyone!!!

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Heh, Albuquerque Isotopes.. I thought you were kidding! No mention of the real inspiration for their name on the team history page.

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Also: what certainsome1 said

Monkeyfilter lookin' A-OK

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