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Why is there both a "The Bible" and a "The Holy Bible" on the list? Aren't they the same book?

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I was expecting more beef and chicken, but cool nonetheless.

In "The zombie dots have evolved!"

Oh, wow. This takes me back bigtime. Maybe I'll dust off my characters as well.

In "Curious George: moving to the Philippines"

Just an update: it's looking more and more like no one will be sent down there after all. Thanks to all who took the time to post. I guess now I can put off my Hepatitis shot a while longer.

In "Curious Bread Making George"

I've had a Black & Decker number for about 3 years. I loved the bread that I could make with it, but I got tired of making one large loaf that would dry out, so I started using it only to make the dough, then making rolls or a French loaf and baking that in the oven. I don't use it often these days because my current roommates are slobs and don't keep the kitchen in general clean and I don't have as much free time to bake bread. If the girlfriend is over for dinner, I'll bake up some rolls or something in advance. The pros of the breadmaker is that you can have fresh bread with that awesome smell whenever you want without leaving your place, but the downside is that you have to either plan it out in advance or wait three or five hours instead of the instant gratification of popping over to the local baker's. It's a lot like making your own wine and beer, I'd imagine.

In "Sept. Toronto Meetup?"

Girlfriend's birthday on the 8th, but the 9th could be doable.


It might be crataegus', jb. His is the only one I haven't received. I'm liking them all. I love all the albums from this batch. Kudos.

Dirtdirt, I got yours today as well and I'm going to listen to it tonight. One question, is the track after the Osborne Bros. and before the Tom Waits "500 Miles Home" by Bobby Bare Jr.? Hopefully everyone else's will start rolling in soon.

Has anyone heard from Shotsy?

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Keyboards eat your body-odor aromas, right Dr. Sugarmilktea?


Have there been any updates on this that I've missed?


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This is a pretty cool link too.


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Is Jackson really so drenched in blood and gangs and crazed murderers?

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Oh, man, I gave my mom that book for Christmas. Where were you a month ago, Monkeyfilter?!

In "Curious George: Boycotting"

I once heard of a equation some companies go by-1 letter of dissatisfaction =1,000 dissatisfied customers who didn't write. But are still dissatisfied. I first heard of that ratio when NBC was canceling the original Star Trek and the letter writing campaign started. For those of you boycotting Sony, do you boycott just the Sony music label or is it all encompassing? No Sony music, no Sony movies, no Sony electronics? Sony was one of the DVD inventors, I can't imagine not buying or renting a movie ever again myself if we were to say no to everything they have a finger in.

In "MoFi CDX V:"

You are in a jungle. There are monkeys above you. There is a CD lying on the canopy floor. >pick up cd You can't pick that up. >climb tree You can't climb that. >persuade monkey The monkey picks up the CD. It's a rocker; it rocks out.

I'd be down with the mini-exchange.

In "Slot Car Racing Action!!"

That was pretty cool.

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