In "Batman Onomatopeia."

Wow...this is cool. One of the greatest features of the 60s "camp" version of Batman!

In "Snow Falls in Western Australia"

Lived in South Texas for many years, and HATED HATED HATED the heat and humidity. Moved to Montana three years ago and never happier: four seasons -- hooray! Well, "summer" isn't too long, but you get the point. And not to take too much away from South Dakota, but Montana holds the record for 24-hour temperature change: from -54 to 49. And the National Weather Service states that Montana holds the record for rapid temperature change -- not sure if SD or MT is the true "winner." Weather is just fascinating - why do we love it so?

In "All cereal, all the time!"

Mmmmmmmm...cereal...(drool)...yeah, this has been run throught the 'Filtersphere a couple of times, but since it appears that there is a now a new location (Chi-town), it's probably worth another post!

In "The anti-porn."

Looks just fine to me...and it's about damn time that someone offered something besides the all-but-bare fashions currently the rage.

In "Review: Juvenile felis catus"

GodDAMN but that's good stuff! I love love love the comparison chart at the end!

In "Prelude to Journey to the Center of the Earth."

The fools! Don't they know that will cause the "outer core" to stop spinning and mean the end of the world (unless Hillary Swank can save it)?!

In "Today is the 30th anniversary of the 1975 Omaha tornado "

I didn't know about the Omaha tornado -- thanks for the links. And not to disrespect or anything, but May 3, 1999, in Oklahoma became the #1 tornado in US history, IIRC. That was The One. 318 mph winds -- truly incredible.

In "A Ukranian sign language news interpreter told people the truth about the election."

TONIGHT'S TOP STORY...! Classic. But yes, this is a bit old...December, perhaps?

In "Draw a Pig"

I am truly impressed with some of y'alls pigs -- we've got some talented monkeys!

I am terrible at drawing...can't draw a pig worth a darn. Nevertheless, my humble effort: OINK! Excellent find, hama7 -- ta.

In "Muddled-up Posting George"

Major Cockburn: rugged, go-get-em, man of action!

In "Curious George: Government Bureauocracy Woes..."

Create a blog using W's name and bad-mouth the department/agency and all of the co-workers...say nasty things about the managers..etc...then pretend to stumble across the blog (from home), and then go tell the boss/es. Reluctantly, of course, as you don't want him to get in trouble, of're just thinking of what's best for the department/agency. Heh...

In "Rumored for weeks, confirmed by the source: Britney pregnant"

Baby Spears makes Baby Jesus cry.

In ""Should Hillary Clinton Run for Presidents?""

President Hillary Clinton...(shudder) I'd vote for Condi--that woman is amazing. And as far as Jeb--probably.

In "Say Goodnight America"

In the near future we can expect tax reform, fiscal discipline, deregulation, free capital flows, lowered tariffs, reduced public services, and privatization. If this is what we can expect, then I'm all for it.

In "Say hi to Duck Cheney."

For fuck's sake, people, lighten up! This is a very nice, whimsical story about a cute little duck and the efforts of a few kind people to help the duck. You don't need to be politicizing it -- just enjoy it and think of how cute the duck is. Relax.

In "The incredible Wing"

Completely faked me out -- I honestly thought that I was going to some sort of opera-style rendering of classic tunes. I liked this better, though.

In "Bush Invades Iran in June and things don't go as planned?"

"...Iran actually has a capable air force." Please. Against the United States Air Force, the Iranian Air Force barely registers. Of all the possibilities and threats, the Iranian AF is NOT one to worry about.

In "Curious George: Tactlessness"

I am surprised at how many monkeys are students (grad or otherwise). Dang...wish that the intarweb had been around in my school days so long ago...

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