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BTW - funny thread title!

Wot, no Marc Bolan? No Sex Pistols? 2 of London's finest pop acts of all time overlooked. I is shattered, I tell ya. Crushed, even.

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I notice petebest is keeping quiet on this one. posted by Plegmund at 07:31AM UTC on November 15, 2005 I notice petebest is keeping quiet on this one. Okay, that one got a laugh out of me. posted by Wolof at 07:59AM UTC on November 15, 2005 :X posted by petebest at 04:53PM UTC on November 15, 2005 How'd you manage to post a reply before the comment which inspired it?!!?

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It is actually possible, though unusual, to have a republic in the Commonwealth of Nations (chimed the pedant): see India -

The issue of republican status within the Commonwealth was only resolved in 1950 when it was agreed according to a formula proposed by Canadian Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent that India should remain a Commonwealth member despite adopting her present republican constitution. This decision, set out in the London Declaration, provided for members to accept the British monarch as Head of the Commonwealth regardless of their domestic constitutional arrangements, and is now considered by many to be the start of the modern Commonwealth.
Personally, the sooner we dispose of this bunch of freeloading PR nightmares the better. Even devoid of real power (which they have been since the Glorious Revolution of 1688)led to the creation of the first Bill of Rights, establishing the supremacy of Parliament over the King, these interlopers are welcome to a one-on-one with me anytime. Seeing as that's how they acquired their massive wealth in the first place, the lying, stealing, half-educated bastards.

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Sadly - it's a hoax.

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MetaFilter: practice some foreign policy and do something about shit like this. You're becoming what you profess to hate. posted by outrigger at 11:09PM UTC on November 20 I am George Bush and I approve this message!

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Monkeyfilter is like a younger cousin of Mefi, and as such has a nice little life all of it's own. Any of youse who are situated in the old continent of Europe are also welcome to post your eurocentric links to Viewropa - not only friendly like a monkey, we also have Rioja and camembert! Eat that!

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About Viewropa

Viewropa is a community site started by members of MetaFilter who are attempting an experiment in multi-lingual, collaborative and Euro-focused blogging.
HTH (",)

10 minutes faster than me, ya bugger! Thanks Skrik - and welcome everyone to our new baby. Please see what we're about, and jump right in!

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Hi guys, Thank you for your interest in the project, which han't yet got a launch date. There's an awful lot ofwork going on behind the scenes by the technical wizard, The wiki has a whole load of pages which invite suggestions and input: start here. Collaboration is a tricky thing to pull off, and that means we are attempting to co-ordinate things before implementation. No-one has been banned from Viewropa - it hasn't launched yet. (",)

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