In "Testing, testing, etc."

MonkeyFilter is only two? Huh. Happy birthday.

In "Long after Uncle MeFi is gone,"

MoFi has nothing to do with MeFi. Tell that to the MoFi RSS feed which still describes itself as "A metafilter spawn for lurkers waiting to register."

In "A Challenging CSS Layout"

Does this dude's comment box do what you want?

In "MonkeyFilter!"

If I had an anus, petebest, you'd be in trouble.

In "Curious George - Cool, funky restaurants/dives in DC?"

should we turn this into a "squid's in town let's have a mofi meetup" thing?? A MeFi meetup is already happening on May 22 ... any chance some of you monkeys would join us?

In "The T shirts are ready to ship"

t-shirt backwards is trihst ... thanks, monkeys.

In "Order a MoFiTShirt now!"

I sent a paypal payment just a pre-order email also required?

In "pr0n as propaganda:"

is the Globe itself a less insane source? that bottom right picture (in the picture) is pretty clearly from the porn site.

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