In "Pig cells cure monkey diabetes."

I'm diabetic. Should I eat a lot of pork chops and monkey brains?

In "Are you a Republican?"

Surprise, I was 0% republican. I'm surprised really. I didn't think that it would be that high.

In "Any Zombies Out There?"

How in the hell do you use the shotgun?

In "Lockheed Martin"

terminal anal fistulas Great name for a band...

In "May 5 is the National Day of Prayer"

My knee really hurts when I have to kneel on it. I'm just gonna get drunk. Okay?

In "Curious George: I need a graphic artist to design a logo"

by contacting me. address is in profile.

In "projects any monkey can do."

Very cool site. Great link. I'm off to home depot to get the stuff to build this

In "finding lost friends"

so of course i'm picking my nose

In "Maserati Corse dodeci"

It's the powerful mach 5 only better.

In "Life Just Got Easierâ„¢"

Jesus god. This looks horrible, although I'm sure that all of the meat processing stuff is equally as bad. Yech.

In "Tin. Hats. Ahoy."

Not even a very good tin hat story. Dang. We need Hunter involved with the Grays and Reptilian overlords pushing drugs in Des Moines. Yeah and the crafts from Area 51 were piloted by mutant humans hopped up on adrenal glands stolen from Peruvian basket weavers... Or something..

In "Messiah!"

I watched the messaiah cam. didn't see anything interesting. does someone start taking off clothes or something soon?

In "When the drugs start talking,"

That's all I need. A cabinet full of jabbering pill bottles. Christ, the prozac just wants to talk and tell you how happy it is, the viagra keeps saying how hot you are and offers suggestive uses for the turkey baster in the next cabinet.

In "Hunter S. Thompson commits suicide. "

Too sad that one of the strangest, best minds of a generation is gone. I'll raise a glass to the man.

In "How YOU doin'? Missouri #1 State For Getting It On!"

I live ini Kansas City and I keep telling my wife that Missouri is #1. I tell her we need to do more swinging and wild kinky sex things to keep the rankings up. Damn her.

In "Wal-whiners"

Good old walmart. Fuck 'em.

In "Wireless George"

what mahoukenshi said. Use the dlink tool instead of the winxp deal. Also you might want to futz w/the router and it's location. We've had to move ours around just a bit to get the best connectivity. And we got a big ass antennea (sp? it's early) that seemed to help quite a bit. Like $29 @ compusa.

In "Curious, Sellout II"

I'm 40 and still trying to figure this shit out... not really

In "Cinematic George - Favorite Under-Rated Movies"

Fandango. I can't believe no one has mentioned Fandango. Kevin Costner, Judd Nelson, some big fat hairy guy. One last bout with craziness before they go off to adulthood. Always brings a tear to my eye.

In "My soul feels so violated"

One song they haven't taken away yet is "Christmas Time is Here" to "A Charlie Brown Christmas" I heard a horrible, horrible version of this very wonderful song this last christmas. OMFG, I don't know who it was, but they should be taken out not shot or anything, but given a good, swift kick in the ass.

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