In "Curious George: medicating a cat"

The trick I like to use to get a cat's mouth open is to poke my finger or the tip of a pill pusher right behind the canine tooth.. there is a natural gap there and once you get in a bit the cat will usually just naturally open it's mouth. I suppose if you are using a syringe to get the zantac in, then you could try sliding that into the same spot. If that doesn't work then another good method is to scruff the cat and tilt it's chin up using the scruff and then gently pull down on it's bottom jaw using just the tip of one finger. This is not a good idea if your cat is a biter.

You should really ask your vet about getting Zantac in pill form. Most cats are a lot less resentful of getting medication in pill form as opposed to liquid. This works even better if you purchase a pill-gun or pill pusher.. which enables you to get the pill past your cats tastebuds.

In "Death to all pitt bulls!"

This isn't right. These animals shouldn't be punished. Right now, at least in the area I live in, these dogs are seen as a statis symbol. I mean you hear people talk and they say " oh yeah my kid wears baby phat and has a pitt bull:". But the fact of the matter is that most of these dogs are victims of our trends. They are frequently under cared for.. .. I work at a vet clinic and people are a lot more willing to pay to get their pit bull's ear's cropped then they are to pay for the vaccines that will keep that dog alive and healthy. Most of these dogs live in terrible conditions, and shouldn't be seen as the enemy. I would also like to say that from my experience these are some of the most loving and affectionate animals that I have ever been around. And I should say that YES they are physiologically capable (because of their bite)of causing a lot of damage, but only because WE bred them to be so.

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The reason the Bible and other religious texts belong on the list is because of the bloodshed they excuse and hatred they breed. Every murdered abortion doctor, every successful suicide bomber, every crime commited in the name of some god makes those books more damaging than any on that riduculous list. Jesus may have taught love, but his followers deal in hate.

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i love it get up to walk the dogs and planned to go back to bed... oh well my day off is wasted.

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