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Wow. Been a while since I updated this. Ohwell, nothing for it but to edit again! 1. I'm a 24 2526 year old Systems Administrator for a small accounting firm. Studying postgrad on the side, and thinking of moving into Computer Forensics.
2. I double-majored in Music, single-majored in Information Management. Now I work in IT. Go figure.
3. I also hate LA, having been sent there by work for "training". More specifically, Orange County (Irvine). Didn't mind San Jose, though, but I think that's relative.
4. I live in beautiful Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
5. I have bought a nice flat with my smarty-pants doctor of a girlfriend. We have recently acquired a pussycat, Grizzelda Grizzleguts, Destroyer of Worlds (Zelda for short). She's very meowy. It's irritating.
6. I was born in South Africa, lived in Sydney, and have travelled somewhat but nowhere near enough. Something I learnt in my travels... blood + vomit + peru = hospital. This is not a nice equation.
7. After finishing my music degree, I have managed to pretty much completely not play my cello in years. This upsets me somewhat, and I wish I could find a group of people who wanted to make beautiful music for the fun of it, without caring about money, etc etc etc. I found some! We're playing Schubert, and Dvorak, and Shostakovich! And it's even better than I dreamed possible! And then, more Schubert!! And Mendelssohn! And.. well.. yeah. Chamber music! WOOT!
Lesson learnt: Music is important. If you can play, you must.
8. I like to think I don't care about politics, but Shrub irritates the hell out of me.
9. Your favorite band sucks. There, I said it ;)
10. Matrix 3 irritated me much less than Matrix 2. But they were still immensely disappointing.
Update: Kill Bill 2 was three hours of my life I'll never get back. I want revenge, but not that weedy chatty revenge! I need blood! BLOOOOOOD!!
11. I can't stand poor spelling, or grammar, however my memory is excepetionally poor. This leads to the fantastic irony of not necessarily knowing if something is correct or not.
12. Get thee to now!

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