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A collage my girlfriend made for my 22nd birthday.

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word, C-bad

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Jesus Christ, let the poor body die already. It's not like death is such a terrible thing. She's not a teddy bear, she's a human being, or at least she used to be, and once a human being's brain has failed, continued vivifaction is grotesque, to say the very least.

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The fact that the term "rape" is used in both cases does not make them similar. In the first case, the boy sexually attacked his teacher, someone who ought to represent authority of some kind. It would be ideal to treat him so that he can at least control his violent tendencies, but the law is interested more in neutralizing threats to society and handing down proper punishment for crimes than for assuring the mental health of individuals. The legal tradition, in England as in the US (please correct me if I'm wrong) is premised on the ability of citizens to behave morally; whether someone is unwilling or unable to do so makes no effective difference with respect to the threat they pose, though it may affect their actual culpability, which is a different issue. In the second case, the teacher and student cultivated an emotional and sexual relationship which did not involve a violent attack, was not limited to one event, and was (by all accounts) consentual to both parties. It is utterly unlike the other case.

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to answer bobsled's question: looks like they went and got themselves improved upon

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oops sorry

schwarzen+egger = dark/black plowman

schwarzen+egger = dark/black plowman

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I think it would be a bit naive to presume that excessive sexual activity doesn't have its costs. Costs? Why would it cost anything? And who gets to define what is excessive? Common sense alone should tell you that undergoing this profound neurochemical process to excess has its consequences. It's not clear that remaining sexually frustrated is healthier in any way. The article is written as though people could just choose to excise the sexual component of their neurobiological/physiological/psychological make-up; this is comically impossible, of course, but why should it even be desirable? Frequent masturbation and ejaculation stimulate...nervous functions excessively, resulting in the over production of sex hormones Nervous functions? What is this, the 19th century? Are they concerned about an overflow of orgone energy into the cosmic aether?

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cabingirl completely wins!

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Oh, by the by, could we do it either before 3:30 or after 6? I have a class inna afternoon.

99 Bottles or Crow's Nest are both cool by me.

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p.s. LoopyG and pantsrobot (and any other monkeys in/around SC)- Wanna have a mini-meet-up sometime? Get some food, etc.?


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Better than cancer/cirrhosis/renal failure/dementia/whateverthefuck. A superior man knows when to leave. An immature one has to be dragged, kicking and screaming, or whimpering and smiling.

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THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO HAVE THE HUSBAND YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED! This is a joke, right? Marriages, like all relationships, change over time. If a marriage lacks that newlywed spark it's probably because the people involved aren't newylweds anymore. People should find ways to be happy in relationships as they are rather than retard the relationship's development by pursuing something that doesn't exist anymore. Yeah. Furthermore, turn down that awful racket. My gerialgia is acting up.

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Literature, graduating in June. SC has been very beautiful the last few months. What do you think of your time here?

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I'm just confused by the nature of this witch/sorcerer/eccentric/pagans/whatever community; it seems like many of its inhabitants don't really have anything in common besides an overwhelming vagueness of description when it comes to the nature of their beliefs. It's not like paganism is synonymous with spiritual incoherence or anything. Many religious groups and practices which were described that way at one time or another had or have very definite rituals and a culturally specific (if not absolute and stable) pantheon. I guess the modern pagan community as described by the author of the article is just a result of the convergence of many traditions in a society which is itself artificial and non-traditional.

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