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In three years, we've gone from a brutal, murderous dictatorship who had a demonstrated dislike of other people and other countries and a demonstrated weapons program, to a constitutionally governed free Iraq. So, F8x, are you willing to go vacation there? How about if we raised the cost of a ticket for you? If your work asked you to transfer to Baghdad for a year, would you accept?

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Sorry, my answert should have been directed Minda25. I am sure monkeyhumper knows all of this already...

monkeyhumper: 300DPI CMYK images (grayscale for BW images is acceptable) in .tif format are (at least in my neck of the woods) the industry standard. I can design a 40 page book in photoshop!" Anyone who ever says this is to be immediately demoted (if not outright fired) and never ever allowed near the marketing or graphics department ever again. Full stop. BTW: for true professional jobs, one delivers multi-page documents in either Quark or InDesign, or as a press-ready pdf, and one makes sure that said document has been properly collected for output (called "packaged" in InDesign). Most Packaging and single-page, graphics-intensive documents can be sent to the printer in an .eps format. Since .eps file do not cache the font data, it is usually a good idea to convert all text to outlines (warning--this will usually make the text un-editable, so it is wise to save both an outlined and a non-outlined version of the document) to avoid printing delays. Any printer who tells you thay cannot take an InDesign or Quark document is to be avoided. If they can't be bothered to have the industry-standard tools, they can't be trusted to do your printing. Sorry for the semi-rant, but I've seen way too many good projects go down the toilet because some ignorant fool thought he could save a couple of bucks on the front end by letting an amateur handle his job...

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*Looks at photos, lets one very small happy tear run down his cheek...*

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Squidranch, revised design has been emailed. I believe we're still at ~7 pulls--if not let me know & I'll try to drop out an extra color somewhere...

Squid, et al.: is this the direction we want, regarding the label? modified mofit 0305 build If so, the file is ready. Let me know & I'll shoot it off to you... BTW: adding the blue may have added a color to the print, so you may want to consult your printer...

About that green label: it says MOFI. I considered putting something witty on there, but you know, one man's wit is another's WTF???

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I once read a fantastic essay positing the Superbowl as capitalism's equivalent of those North Korean stadium spectaculars, only slightly tongue in cheek. When the people in the stands held up the cardboard signs to spell out "Nah Nah Nah Nah" (in patriotic Red White & Blue no less!) as Hey Jude was playing, I commented to my Brother in Law that someone at Fox either had a really wicked sense of ironic humor...or that this country may now officially be considered irretrievably damned and lost to the jingoist barbarians...

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William Langewiesche has an excellent section on piracy in his new(ish) book The Outlaw Sea : A World of Freedom, Chaos, and Crime , which I just finished reading this week (the section on the sinking of the Swedish-Latvian Ferry Estonia is the stuff of my darkest terrors).

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1 xxl if available, otherwise 1 xl.

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I won't vote, as I'm biased. I would, however, like to get in on that first t-shirt wave action. Just an FYI: Should be bananaplug design be chosen, whoever is handling the shirt order can just email me (it's in my profile)& I'll shoot the file(s) out in whichever format your printer needs... Oh, and since its been mentioned (and I had this thing laying around), here's a design suitable for a coffee mug, maybe: mofi mug thing. If kids want to do it, we could cafepress it, with the proceeds going to Tracicle for bandwidth...

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Has Tim Burton ever done a good movie? Nightmare before Christmas. Watching the trailer, I kept thinking to myself: Johnny Depp is ok, but you know who would have made a truly ass-kicking Willie Wonka? Crispin Glover.

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Patita, I've got vector .eps files for both designs which I can make print ready in two shakes of a lamb's tale (should the monkeys wish to have them). Personally, I'm not hugely thrilled with my revision--the flying cherub-W of Oz monkeys holding the back panel banner seem a bit off--but if that's what folks want, I'm fine with it. If the original design is chosen instead, I'll make a print-ready pdf available on my site to those who just have to have their flying monkey action. If we go another route altogether (which is totally cool by me), I'll still make all the designs available for them that wants 'em...

Heres a slight revision to my design, and also a more detailed view: MOFI TEE 2(156 K image). The back panel needs a bit or refining, and criticism is always appreciated... I'll work on getting the colors down to a silk-screen friendly number (either 4 or 6 pulls depending on the pricing my fellow monkey sleuths are currently investigating...).

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In my expeience (disclaimer: my father is a member of the Sault St. Marie Band of Chippewa, my mother is a member of the Saginaw Band of Chippewa, I am a 6'1" blue-eyed blond member of neither), the ease or difficulty in joining a tribe is directly related to the amount of money involved in tribal politics. Both my parents' tribes run a series of extremely lucrative casinos here in Michigan; consequently enrollment is and has been closed for quite some time--more members tend to dilute the income stream... Native status up here operates just like LarryC mentioned--blood quantum only comes into play if you are looking for federal assistance (1/4 quantum is, I believe, the minimum necessary to receive free college tuition) or wish to run for tribal council (again, 1/4 is, I believe, usually the minimum to hold a leadership position) . Otherwise, proof of descent from one of the tribal rolls is usually all that is required to claim eligibility. However, just because you are eligible does not necessarily mean that you will automatically become a member--you will need to inquire with that particular tribe or band from which your ancestors descended to see if they are accepting new members and what if any additional requirements there might be.

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I'm cross state (GR) and might be able to roadtrip it over that way, given the chance, since its the closest I imagine any meetup will get to me...

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I'm with Squid--let's do a competition type thing over the course of a week or two to see what us resourceful monkeys can come up with. As to how we might go about doing that, my web skillz are certainly not up to the challenge of hosting such a beast--any volunteers? BTW: if you like my design, I can either submit it to a contest or make it available as a hi-res PDF for whoever wants it (Its 100% vector, so file size and all that hooha is not an issue...)

something like this?

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I'll second Celine Dion. The very mention of her name has made me shelve any moving-to-Canada-in-a-huff plans I may have recently entertained. And I can't believe that nobody has mentioned Jessica Simpson yet. The sheer depth and breadth of her vapidity makes Keanu look like a Confucian Sage in comparison.

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Yeah, so I'm trolling the internets this AM, surveying the damage, and I come across this choice tidbit from our favorite Log-Cabin Republican Andrew Sullivan: The past is the past. And George W. Bush is our president. He deserves a fresh start, a chance to prove himself again, and the constructive criticism of those of us who decided to back his opponent. He needs our prayers and our support for the enormous tasks still ahead of him. He has mine. Unequivocally. And I have to let out a little snort, because if there was one clear message the electorate sent yesterday, it was this: STFU, Faggot. And get to the back of the bus.

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