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I like to think of myself as charmingly obnoxious. (Most likely I tend towards the latter. Slight tendency to insert foot in mouth.) Married, one kid, three cats.
Been a midwesterner most of my life. Currently living in tropical Minneapolis.
About the name. I once worked at another university in a lab that made use of frog eggs for various nefarious purposes. (Remove eggs, sew up frog. We get eggs, frog gets life full of clean water and chopped liver to eat. Everyone is happy.)
One of my jobs was to head out to get new frogs when the old ones stopped making eggs. Several times a year, I would drive to the frog farm. (Really, I'm not making this up. It's a big red barn in the middle of the Michigan countryside, full of tanks containing eggs, tadpoles, and frogs.)
We used a large bucket to transport the frogs. It had a nice printed label. Red block print: CAUTION LIVE FROGS. I always liked that sticker, and resolved to use the phrase as the name of my band. If I ever started one. Which I didn't, 'cause I have no musical talent. But it's a good name, nonetheless.

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