In "A Little Love for the Lefties"

I grew up pre-computer and I wore that smudge on my hand like a badge of honor. Fuck righties with your smug non-smudged hands. What is worse is the indentation you get on the spiral notebook. And bernockle, not all lefties hold the pen/pencil that way. I hold it like a righty does, just with my left hand. Things have improved for us lefties. My grandfather said the nuns in his schooldays would beat him for writing with his left hand.

In "TomTom? or DumbDumb "

These people blaming their GPS for stupid mistakes are just the latest example of passing the blame for their own stupidity. Beavis and Butthead "made" teens play with fire and burn down their house. It's McDonald's a person puts hot coffee between her legs and burns herself. My TomTom will often times tell me to turn the wrong way onto a one way street or to turn right too soon which if I followed her advice would have my drive off of a bridge. Sure, my TomTom is trying to kill me. But I'm driving. If I turn off the road into a ditch, it was my fault. Nav systems can be helpful. But they are really nothing more than an overglorified map and can be out of date or just plain wrong. The driver still has to be paying attention. Cell phones are the worst since many people haven't been able to do more than one thing at a time. When you're driving you should be first concentrating on driving, not the phone, or the radio, or your hair, or what the passengers are saying. Or eating. Or reading the WSJ. Or texting someone. Or ...

In "The Pinky Show explains the war in Vietnam"

That was great. Thanks.

In "Truth in Advertising"

I hadn't seen the whole thing, just snippets a few years ago when I was used to be the client. It pretty much was how it went down. I would love to quote lines from this while on jobs -- uncomfortable drinks with the client?

In "Overheard at the beach."

I love the Overheard in New York and Overheard at the Office sister sites. A buddy and I at work trade dumb things people say back and forth all the time. God Bless the Internets!

In "Nucular War! "

Thank the gods for that.

Cool. Are nucular wars as dangerous as nuclear wars?

In "Why do they hate our freedoms?"

I'll start the discussion with a working link to the article.

In "Curious George"

Control Machete (de Monterrey) is pretty good and in the same vein as Molotov. Of course Sí Señor is also on the Amores Perros sountrack. Pop acts like Julietta Venegas (MX) and Paulina Rubio (MX) are staples. Julietta's songs tend to be slow and easy for beginning Spanish speakers to understand. And on the guy side, there's Alejandro Sanz (ES) These acts were on MTV Latino the whole time I was down in Mexico studying Spanish. And don't forget an act like Los Tigres del Norte for some Noteño.

In "Curious George: sites gone platinum"

I like Overheard in the office.

In "Bad bad fashion."

so i could take photos of you on the street and use these pictures in advertising? The poster on flickr isn't using the images for advertising. I'd need a release for my likeness to be used for commercial purposes. Ever been at a public gathering and see a flash go off? You might be on someone's flickr photostream. There really is no recourse if the photos are not used commercially. One could sue the person for libel, I suppose, but for libel, the allegations must be false. A person that is wearing Ugg and asswriting is indefensible. When I was on vacation last year I stepped in front of someone making a home movie. He could have shown it to his friends ridiculing my clothing. It could be on youtube right now. Now if it were a commercial movie and I became aware of it, I would ask for cash. I was filmed when I went to the bank this morning, drove down the freeway to breakfast and then at the restaurant. When you leave the house and enter public space, the expectation of privacy goes out the window. If she took the photos into people's homes and backyards I would be the first to be outraged. But being spotted at the Grove or 3rd Street Promenade is fair game.

I had a "meh" reaction many of the groups, but I was totally down with her idiot driver section. I also, thought of few of the boobs in the fake boobs section were real. Just because they are big, doesn't mean they are fake. The child and adult fashion victim sections are sometimes chuckleworthy. She's just posting what we see everyday on the street and making the same comments we think to ourselves. To those people who think she shouldn't shoot pix of these people/kids, they left the house that way and are in public. It isn't like she identifies the people by name and gives their addresses out. And although her comments might be appear to be mean spirited, her publicly showing her hate mail indicates she takes it with a grain of salt. Her "crazy cat lady" profile is certainly ripe for mocking. I'm sure if someone followed her around she'd exhibit some fashion don'ts.

In "McDonalds - Global Sanctum?"

I've gone to McDonalds outside the US for the Diet Coke [or Coca Light] with lots of ice. After drinking little bottles of warm soda in a glass with maybe one ice cube, McDonalds was a little like home.

In "Not everyone"

She was the subject of a PSA campaign in Texas not too long ago. A truly sad story.

In "Don't. Move. Your. Eyes."

Interesting, but I didn't have an eyegasm.

In "Why did God ignore Colonel Steve Austin? "

I thought this post was going to be about this guy.

In "The fifty best places to drink beer in America"

This list is a sham. Not one place in Austin? Good. Means more beer for me.

In "Bush Was Right!"

I wish it was satire like Bob Roberts. But the youtube comments seem to still think the song is great because GWB is fuckin' awesome.

In "Hyperinflation "

I was listening to this on the radio a few days ago and someone mentioned that Finland also wanted to open an oil market to compete with London that would also be based on the euro. I haven't been able to find anything about that. The Finland market wasn't a "fuck you america" statement like Iran, but it was more of a way to help control its own destiny. The US went from the gold standard to the silver standard to the oil standard. If that too goes away, the dollar will truly be backed by faith. Like one of my econ professors said, what backs the greenback? Well let's look at one and see... Here it is "In God We Trust". Oh, and while we're at it, let's piss off one of our creditors.

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You really can't talk watermelon without mentioning the Watermelon Thump

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