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So tell me, badgoat, would you be as sanguine if an adult male teacher was trying to get a female child pregnant? I know, I know, rogerd...I'm a travesty of contradiction. Their ages would make a difference if the sexes were reversed. I don't know if she was "trying to get pregnant" by the student either, haven't heard that. As I said before, I don't know all the facts in this case. Clearly the teacher violated a trusted boundary and that is worthy of punishment (and treatment it sounds like in her case). My point was that 15-30 yrs seems excessive.

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Ok, what I *really* want to know is, did he eat his penis?

Should I grill them or would a stew be more in keeping with the season? If he was a lean cut, I'd definitely go with grilling.

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more scoop Forgive my un-PCness on this, but from what little I know of this case (which is really very little), locking this woman up for 15-30 years seems a tad excessive. Shit, we used to be off and married at 14. Then again, we were usually dead by 40. Who knows. Don't know the details of how this story came to light or what the boy and/or his family suffered. Smirks about lucky kid aside, the teacher-student boundary was certainly violated.

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What? No fava bean jokes? This would make for an excellent "why I failed my drug screen" story upon returning from holiday in the Yucatan. You see, there was this guy who murdered his lover who was on drugs and served him in a restaurant where I ate......

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Cool link, klausness. This one gave me an idea...MoFi could run a 404 Banana Not Found contest...

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You know, I have this problem when I drink. My clothes fall off and I can't find them. Perhaps I could attach my undies to my hoo hoo ring? Even better with a retractable leash.

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battered eels I've heard this is a growing problem in the eel community. 1-800-EEL-HEAL

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I can't believe no one has mentioned one for kitties: the pussy pack... /someone had to do it

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I thought the same thing, rodgerd (however, DSS/CPS could get a call on that one for the 12 y.o.). As for the boarding schools, too much $$ -- most folks just can't afford them. And with Boot Camps, the kids have to be court-ordered, which means they have to be nasty little incorrigble felons. One social work job I've never had (nor will I ever take) is the DSS/CPS one. These folks get all the bad press and often literally hold these kids lives in the balance. I think I would end up in jail for murdering some of the sick f***s that treat them so badly. Trust me, snatching kids is the last thing DSS wants to have to do (for an essay-full of reasons), but when you don't and should have, I can't imagine living with that.

Their 17-year-old son, Ben, has not been handling the family's celebrity status well and had a "meltdown" Wednesday after school, she said. Little fucker will probably take a lawyer's bid to represent him in a lawsuit against them for emotional anguish, neglect and public defamation. Re: CPS...I think parents ought to have more power to refer their kids to Boot Camps and CHiNS (Children in Need of Supervision). (thus spake the social worker)

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Meet my best friends. Verily, I tell you they have saved the lives of many airplane-dwelling small noise-making machines (known as offspring) and obnoxotrons.

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I particularly enjoyed the portable bidet. Just buy a garden sprayer and (literally) stick it up your arse. The "slip cover" hiding the canister slays me...I can just see myself waltzing through airport security with one of these jobbies. Well, maybe if it comes with rollers.

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From the Lizzy Borden/Janet Romero interview: Would you consider yourself a feminist? No. I'm not for a woman's rights. I am old school, where I think, when I have my baby I'm going to be home taking care of it. I'm just making a life for myself and happy, making good money. I used to be exploited when I did movies. So if someone's going to do it, I might as well. I used to be a slave with a terrible master. Now that I'm free and have money, I own a bunch myself. Treat 'em pretty well except for beating the fuck out of 'em to get 'em to work better. Jesus H. Christ. Misogyny begins at home.

Here's a project for your club: put on a production of Debbie Does Dallas which is now on tour.

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Not sure what I have to do... Clearly you have not met our recruiting standards. PSB? You are so not gay. ;)

ps. I'm not gay :) Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Here's an interesting HRC fact sheet about the effects of the policy in 2003. 10,000 people have been booted since DADT was implemented. I remember talking to friends after the Gulf War who talked about being more open while they were overseas (i.e., less paranoid of witch hunts, etc.), and some were fairly open with their COs. No problemo while they were in the war. When they returned after the fun they got the boot.

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no bird Mozart? not sure about that. Really. I totally thought that was a cheep shot. /rim shot Ok, ok, don't get your feathers ruffled. /gong

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Finally, picture proof that her crack does NOT go sideways. Asian women everywhere will rejoice. (But this woman so needs collagen implants in her cheeks.) I noticed that kissing instructions are conspicuously absent.

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