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This is Chicago's logo for their olympic bid. The flame of the torch alludes to the Chicago city skyline.

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have you done something to anger the tracicle?


RIP, yo

In "If I did it, here's how it happened"

so wait wait, if i get acquitted, then turn around and say "ha! i totally did it but i got off!" then i can't be tried again on the grounds of double jeopardy? sigh, maybe they can try him for breaking and entering or something.

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ph33r the righteous rage of the endangered white male. Female gamers genuinely ARE a persecuted class. I'm not going crazy feminist here. I'm being dead serious. If it's not a dumbed down, clumsy marketing ploy labeled as a "girl oriented" video game offered with a pat on the head and a "that's so cute", then it's the harassment in World of Warcraft that they have to suffer with the very minute their gender is revealed. Add that to the lack of female characters in video games that have any depth beyond "generic hot chick with special powers". Final Fantasy X-II TRIED to do that by making the main 3 characters female, but frankly, the game sucked. Also the fact that you changed special abilities through a complex system of playing dress-up did seem like a clumsy, misguided reach out to the girl gamer crowd. I understand there's a market for sex and violence in video games. But hell, if you're gonna do that, how about a Grand Theft Auto with a female protagonist? This is a pretty common complaint I've heard from the female gamer community, so I'm not stating anything new. It's just kinda disheartening to see some game store put a pink sign up, stack some Disney games up under it, and say "have at it, girlies". oh, also, while I'm rambling...Dead Or Alive = worst franchise ever, and I'm a HUGE fan of breasts.

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In "Curious George: Hosting Mystery"

srsly, Network Solution's whois is the stalker's friend. there's also, but not as good, imo.

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this has nothing to do with the thread. i just wanted to say: i <3 tracicle

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In "Andrew Lloyd Webber to make "Master and Margarita" into musical."

pleased to meet you... i'm actually reading this book right now. i wouldn't feel right feigning outrage.

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MoFi shiv making contest! Rules: Only use the materials within arms reach as you read this.

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I post at YH. I thought the non-stop errors would go away once it fell off the front page of Digg. I guess I underestimated the power of poop flinging.

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I want a Daft Punk helmet.

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I giggled. And forwarded. ^_^

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No Billy Corgan? v_v

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i don't get it

In "Curious George and his car tunes."

I <3 Daft Punk cranked so loud, it makes your car sound like you have a load of dishes in the trunk. Their Homework & Human After All albums seem to have maximum dish rattling effect.

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I was expecting something like

In "DMC"

and to point out a nice little coincidence...when I first found Monkeyfilter, I bought Tracicle a copy of Psyence Fiction by UNKLE, a collaboration betweeen James Lavelle & DJ Shadow (and everybody should own his debut work "Endtroducing"). ok sleep. that sentence won't make much sense when i wake up tomorrow.

DJ-ing is just taking sounds other people have already made and rearranging them. What a ripoff! Also, nobody should ever use a chord that's been used in a previous work. It's plagiarism! Where's the creativity?

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