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psst... my husband's school didn't have Halloween, and they aren't having Christmas... no decorations, no play, no carols. It's go home and be with your folks until early January, and here's your Winter Break reading assignment. The only concession? The hubs still receives a lot of holiday cards from the kids, but who can get upset with receiving a mess of coffee and dark chocolate? (Rabid fundies, start your engines...)

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Make whatever excuses you feel necessary; I'm not a "dude", but no worries; finally, my iRiver and I are, as always, mellow.

goetter, i'm all for tipping the sacred cows, but i found the Mac usage and the "ain't I irreverant" comment equally out of place here. maybe that's just me.

Hmmm...well... no.

Techsmith, I don't think it's that I fail to see the humor, but that there's no humor to view. Find a new community, please.

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I'd like to nominate the guys who started along the route of string theory... I can't remember specific names, but after sitting through Nova, I came away convinced that we were still cranking out a few geniuses in the modern era.

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I have to wonder if she found the difficulty of constant public spectacle harder to deal with than the immediate firestorm she created after making her choice not to give up that seat. A well deserved rest, this.

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And retank, take it elsewhere.

Some very interesting observations here, and I also appreciate the civility... I think that dramatic (glamorous and other) on-screen murders often portray emotions-into-actions that viewers connect with; and while the overwhelming majority of our population understands the emotion/reasoning, we are not compelled to follow the example. In many of the "glamorous" cases, it's also usually committed under such extraordinary circumstances that the murder is no longer truly in the "suspension of disbelief" category in its true sense. The other murders seem to end up in plots where justice prevails on the murderer-- where, again, the viewers have the vicarious thrill of seeing justice done. Rape? No way to maintain any suspension of disbelief-- the act shocks the viewer out of that state by the force of the violence AND degradation AND depravity. It simply doesn't take any normal viewer where they'd like to go.

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I *hate* to be down on a creative effort here, but I found the whole thing pretty tedious (no offense to un-). Does this mean I'm cranky? Just desensitized?

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MCT, it's a great primer for English majors who will be facing vagrancy after graduation... or so my extended family would joke. And after seeing a few shots, I'm tempted to start a parallel site of Minnesotans snoozing, mouth agape, on the Light Rail train. hys-ter-ical.

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FYI, be cautious when using PayPal, as you should be with any online transaction... meaning monitor closely any accounts you enable for use online. I received a call from PayPal about a month ago asking if I had intended purchase of some $7K piece of equipment, which had been somehow been authorized. (And I take more precautions with my info and my computer than most.) PayPal only noticed because I'd had no activity for almost a year, and then this large single charge appeared.

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Ah, slam dancing at wedding receptions... good times, good times.

To torture my twin sister, I used to entertain all of the fellow late-evening shoppers at the grocery store. I'd trap myself into the freezer cases, slow climb the shelves in the cereal aisle (swatting at the imaginary planes), and pick up a plastic bottle of juice, fading back and yelling, "Go deep!" while she cringed and turned the BEST shade of red. Heh heh.

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ooh, and just remembered: 3) tiffinwalla... in Mumbai, much of the population makes their own lunch, and then has a deliveryman pick it up and bring it to their workplace in time for lunch (yes, the trains are that tightly packed). One tiffinwalla usually picks up and delivers 15-20 "tiffins".

1) umami... that extra sense of taste that can't be defined, much less described in english-- but that exists nonetheless 2) arrangiarsi... an italian phrase that i've started hearing over an over in the last few years. it's "the art of making do".

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Searching for Bobby Fischer. And hey, the first Harry Potter movie seemed romance-free...

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Some good advice here, but I thought I'd bring a few things to the table that have worked for my husband, a 6th grade teacher. His students grow plants in the classroom-- from large sunflowers in pots to basil and rosemary; even the kids who don't want to be directly involved seem to visibly unwind as they enter the "green" classroom. And while the kids still address him with his formal title, he bends just a bit to let them see his real side-- i.e., he talks about how he needs his coffee, how he's not a "morning person". The kids started relating about how they are, and this non-threatening bit of sharing helps them start interacting. (Heck, by the end of the year, his kids started a communal green tea and coffee fund, keeping mugs in the classroom; he also managed to get them hooked on bossanova). Sorry to babble here; I suppose my point is to engage the kids, rather than focusing on and exacerbating the natural bent toward depression and drama...

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From the bar signs visible on my commute home: Meat Raffle 6am Happy Hour

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Sorry to get so specific, but with spring upon us, here is the cool recipe I use to ring in the new season with cocktails, courtesy of Saveur: "Serve this salad well chilled. Cut 8 trimmed celery ribs crosswise into 1/2'' pieces, transfer to a bowl, add 4 oz. crumbled Maytag or other good blue cheese, 2 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil, a little salt, and freshly cracked black pepper. Gently toss. Serves 4." And their latest issue is a "Cheese" issue, giving about a dozen U.S. cheese shops some time, as well as some good recipes.

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