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It's McDonald's a person puts hot coffee between her legs and burns herself. Can we not use that as an example? In this case, McDonald's was serving food that destroyed human flesh on contact, something that food should probably not do. The coffee was kept so hot that it had melted the lid to the cup, and the woman who had to have her genitals debrided was merely trying to deal with the stuck-on lid when it spilled on her. Additionally, it came out in the trial that several other people had been injured by McDonald's flesh-destroying food products, and that McDonald's simply found it cost-effective for one reason or another to keep their coffee flesh-destroyingly hot and pay off the occasional victim rather than serve their coffee at temperatures that would merely injure rather than destroy flesh it touches, as normally hot coffee might.

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Not to mention DVDs that don't want to let you skip the commercials before the menu kicks in. If you really want, you can get chipped dvd players with the UOPs (User Operation Prohibitions) disabled. Or you could use a PC and vlc and watch whatever you want. I'm waiting for DL DVD-/+R's to get cheaper... then I might rip most of my dvds to copies that don't have anything except the movie. Be especially great for dvds with excessively long menu intros, like the Monty Python's Flying Circus set.

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He throws out Kiwi right away, doesn't exactly explain why. Because kiwi birds are flightless, ya dink. Did you not know that?

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I should've clarified, I never heard of a pre-teen boy who had the hots for Teri Garr! Pfft. When she was Gary Seven's secretary on Star Trek, she was hot. Or in Young Frankenstein... what knockers.

I suppose I was a little too old myself for this to fall into the right category, but: Where's the love for Michelle Meyrink?

If you are a straight man over 30 and your answers do not start with Jan Smithers and Erin Grey, you are dead inside. Or foreign.

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I do agree that the shoe thing can show compatibility Sure. Fancy wingtips or whatever can indicate similar interests just as much as a Cowboy Bebop t-shirt can. The only part that bothered me was the "you're a grown-up so you must wear shoes like this" part.

It was a little shot. But not really. I suppose I should have put something in about drooling morons who can't even put on a decent pair of shoes or something to that effect. OTOH, the idea that it's your shoes that make you mature and grown-up, and not dealing with others fairly and compassionately, honoring your promises, bearing your commitments, standing by your family and friends, and so on, seems a bit silly.

Fes's stuff with shoes seems more like compatibility issues that goodness/badness or being grown up. If you're the sort of person who thinks about footwear all the time and so thinks that footwear is a sign of maturity, you'll want to be with someone who wears similarly fancy footwear. If you think that footwear is sneakers or hikers or sandals except when your professional costume requires otherwise and think that maturity is a mental and emotional state uncorrelated with footwear, then you probably don't want to be with a shoe nazi who has irrational prejudices against some kinds of footwear.

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If I saw the sugar free kid one I think it would make me want to give them a pound of demerara and a spoon. It would make me want to roast the kid over hickory coals to see just how a sugar-free kid's flesh tastes. I bet it needs a sauce.

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I liked the riff on Death Race 2000 in the intro. Um. Maybe my joke and sarcasm detectors are misfiring, but surely this was some manner of joke project and not an actual pilot that Stiller wanted to go into production?

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IF I had children, and IF they were twin girls: Scylla & Charybdis Not me. If I had twins, they'd be Castor and Remus. Odovocar the Ostrogoth Surname Vercingetorix McSlattery Surname Farty McBumBum Surname Herod Dahmer Surname Haman Adolf Surname Black Jacques Shellaque Surname

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LaTeX? Those of you who mention it have never worked with anyone else on a pub, have you? Twice. I've ended up being the go-to person integrating what other people wrote. It's not like it's difficult. You just drag and drop their text into the .tex file, and search on ( to find their cites. It wasn't a big deal. I do political science. Most all journals use the same citation format, so that's not normally an issue. If you were to use a nonstandard format, they'd probably let it slide for review and tell you to fix it if it were accepted. None of our journals give a flying fuck about formatting, with one exception. They (or their typesetters) don't expect camera-ready pages and just strip the text out of your paper and dump it into their own software. The exception is that journals will often say "12-point and double-space everything" to make their page limits more standardized.

If you're planning to actually enter academia, I'll go further than crataegus and recommend LaTeX and BibTeX. It's completely fucking awesome. I just type more or less normally. You just put \cite{mnemonic} commands where the cites go, in the simplest version. I'm utterly anal about mnemonics -- they're always authoryear -- so I don't even have to check which ones are already entered in my data file. I just put in all my cites, and BibTeX tells me that it doesn't have foo and bar. I never have anything in my references that I didn't cite, and I never have any citations that aren't in my references. Shifting reference format is as simple as changing the \bibliographystyle{}. The LaTeX world is very different from a word processing world and takes some getting used to, but it's not actually hard. As to spell checking, that's an editor job and you can use any editor that pleases you with LaTeX. Hell, you could even use Word. Did I mention that LaTeX and BibTeX are completely 100% free gratis? auld skul fuckin' a.

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I had an econ professor who was Dutch, and said that when he arrived in the US his landlady told him that he had to buy his mail from her. He believed her, bless his heart.

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This is all well and good, but what does grilled steak have to do with barbecue? As we all know, barbecue is whole-hog or pork shoulder slow-roasted over hardwood coals, pulled, and served with a spicy vinegar/pepper sauce with little or no tomato sauce along with a side of hush puppies and some slaw. Grilled beef is many things, including powerful tasty, but one thing it isn't is barbecue. (For the benefit of damnyankees and other foreigners: what is and isn't barbecue is a controversy that's bigger than Jesus, Ford, or high school football in the southern US. The unfortunate denizens of Texas, addled by the heat, have the misfortune to call grilled beef "barbecue" for reasons that are probably best left unexplored.)

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Trashy fun: SM Stirling's series starting with Island in the Sea of Time. 199x Nantucket gets sucked back to ~1500BC. Hijinks ensue. Charlie Stross's The Family Trade isn't time travel but has a similar spirit to what you describe.

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Another one home sick who watched the whole thing live on CNN. The worst part was shortly after the explosion when something -- dunno what -- came floating down under a parachute. Dunno the joke, but the punchline is "Christa McNuggets." Why does NASA drink Sprite? They can't get seven up. Has anyone ever seen third-party footage of this? Yes. I've seen footage shot from a rooftop in (IIRC) Jacksonville / St. Augustine. Still horrifying.

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Can someone explain the arguments against socialised medicine in the US? It's not difficult. Most people in the US have very good health insurance, and some of them are afraid that they'd have less care or lower-quality care under a socialized regime. That doesn't mean that they're right, of course. I think they're wrong.

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So the question is, what aspect ratio was it made for? 1.85:1. Basically, DVD. DVDs are actually 1.78:1, so 1.85:1 movies have very small black bars at top and bottom but they're usually eaten by overscan It looks like the earlier 4:3 DVD was open-matte. Either way, it's hi-freaking-larious. I love Darrin McGavin's fake cursing. NOT A FINGER!

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