In "seizure: the copper sulphate crystal flat. "

Well that was a near coincidence

<curmudgeon>Dagnabbit, you uppity crystals, get off my walls or I'll call the cops on you!!</curmudgeon> I wonder whether it's any concern that the stuff is somewhat toxic and bad if it gets out into the environment (say when they tear the installation down).

In "It is what it is."

Samuel Johnson would say that she can slap someone with the arm, then it's real.

In "Earth Hour has been and gone for the year."

And what about those who don't live on the Earth? I think they should have their own hour too.

We went out that evening with my wife's sister to a lovely Indian restaurant and sat by the fireplace. It was so dark inside the waiter provided a small flashlight so we could read our menus.

In "A small bat"

This is terrible news. Now the dreaded space bats of Omicron Trianguli 3 will surely descend upon us and all our works with unquenchable flesh-rending vengeance in mind.

In "Paraplegic Man Suffers Spider Bite, Walks Again."

After this, therefore because of this. I think someone should interview the Brown Recluse. The spider, that is.

In "If a man is alone in a forest, with no woman to hear him speak, and he expresses an opinion: is he still wrong?"

And now I notice the link to Yokota in the "More inside", and the page links to the other paper. I should have done a weak measurement before posting.

I could not make any sense of the design of the actual experiments based on Economist article, despite (or perhaps because of) my physics PhD. But I was able to find the preprint versions of the papers by Lundeen and Steinberg and by Yokota. The abstracts are pretty readable, I think, though the PDFs of the papers are not for the faint of heart.

In "The Sopranos, Sex and The City, The Wire, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Six Feet Under, Rome, Band Of Brothers…"

Some of us haven't seen even a single episode of any of these and are damn smug about the money saved.

In "Lost: the cake."

I hope that cake isn't in Macarthur Park.

In "Prawo Jazdy"

Live in Berlin. "Do" must be their middle name.

In "The mystery of the mastodon pipes."

The craft lives on: homemade elephant pipe.

In "Cornify!"

In the Terms Of Service they probably have some clause about how the webmaster using their service has to be a virgin. Not that that makes any difference.

In "The new U.S. e-passport"

"You have to get out of here! Your passport is haunted!"

In "World's First Garbage Truck Powered by Garbage"

Hey, how about a community website powered by garbage? Oh. Never mind.

In "Animal Kingdom Gets"

I think a word can be jargon AND German. In my case, Zitterbewegung.

If you, like me, were tripped up by one word in the second link, here you go. Bauplan, bauplan, bauplan.

In "Nuclear slide rules"

I don't think this really belongs with the others.

In "Hypothetically, what would happen if you combined ghost nurses, NSFW content (you have been warned),"

That's why the prudent nurse should always wear a tinfoil merkin.

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