In "Arthur C. Clarke Dies at 90 :-("

One of the greatest writers (and humans) in the history of man and this is the best fpp you can come up with? egad. I was mostly speechless when it happened =(

In "Henry Lizardlover "

Hah, I think it's awesome. =P

In "Is "Canadian" the new racial slur in the American South?"

Man, there's nothing more ironic than gay-bashing-closeted-homosexual-Republicans...

In "Books that make you dumb."

Basically, what happens is that there is a Interests, Favourite TC Shows, Favourite Books section etc, in the main profile. From the page that represents the entire college, say Keene State College, you can find what the most popular favourite book (by numbers) is in that college.

In "Library of Congress posts 3000+ pictures on Flickr"

Congress* damnit =P

In "Benazir Bhutto Assassinated"

No! =( .

In "Tattoo Santa."


In "Death Penalty Repealed In New Jersey"


In "Kucinich booted from Iowa debate."

It was still interesting to see Obama lay the smackdown on Clinton. My dream is Obama/Kucinich '08.

In "Alchemical and Hermetic Emblems"

Hank. I love you. Thank you. )))))!!

In "C.I.A. Destroyed Tapes of Interrogations"

-heavy sigh-

In "Top 10 Craziest Star Wars Tattoos."

While on the topic of Geek/Nerd tattoos, my highschool Fantasty lit teacher is getting the One Ring inscription on her shoulder blades.

In "Cypriot cave filled with dwarf hippos' remains."

In related news I didn't know that 'Cypriot' was the correct name for 'from Cyprus.'

In "Human hair + mushrooms + tanker oil = beautiful roadside landscaping."

That is really cool.

In "Hand in Hand."

Wow, that was really amazing. Thank you.

In "Mystery Meat Macrophotography"

I am so glad I am a vegetarian right now. Bleaugh!

In "SelfpostFilter Returns"

I'll post a couple of poems...I think the first one applies to us all: Dot Generation To my generation. We live in the shadows of coffeestained nights plagued by early-morning jitters, searching for ourselves, in empty pages of flash and Java. Stumbling on pages, searching for ourselves. The pale light of monitors casts visages upon our own, .jpeg's, .mp3's, .doc's, .com, .org, .gov, .net, .edu .generation searching for ourselves. 404, 207, white box / red x, broken link. Youtube, yahoo, google, digg, wikipedia my spacebar space, books filled of forgotten faces, searching for ourselves, googling our generation, .me, .you, .us ------------------------------------------- Emptiness The bed seems so big since you left it. Its twisted and coiled sheets so lonely without you here. Yet the indelible impression of your body remains; on the bed and in my head. The sculpted impression of your head is molded into the cottonwhite pillow that contrasted so beautifully with your hair. Our scents hang in the air above me like a wedding veil. It seems so long ago, oh, it seems so long ago when hours ago you and I, together forever in memory, belonged to the breathless world of fullbodied touches. Our honeyed lips and satined skin roiled and flowed with the sheets that encased us like a womb: a resolute barrier against the emptying night. Still, our unending kisses had to end, and the passionmarks that resulted will fade with time. And you my love, you too will fade with time, and so will I, until nothing of us remains. Except this, here.

In "9 Most Badass Bible Verses"

Shit. That was supposed to be VERSES.

In "mini Massive Mofirc Meetup:"

I need a little more information...where exactly in the city is this, and is there anyplace to sleep over? =P

You know, I might just be able to make this my first ever MoFi meetup, but I still have to run it through a few people, but I might be able to do it. =)

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