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All right here goes.
Straight out of Iowa after realizing that the world extended beyond Des Moines. I currently reside on Long Island, NY where I am pursuing my Masters in Fine Art. I divide my time between school with work at galleries and museums putting up art, doing some construction work, and basically worrying about life.
I have given up on fiction for the most part. I find myself sticking to news, tv, Metafilter, Monkeyfilter, magazines, etc. Right now I am trying to work myself through books on Situationism. (Watch how dated this profile becomes in a few months)
Well, if you have made it this far I guess I owe you some more.
I'm double-jointed. I don't change my oil enough. I have recently been grooving to Stan Getz, old Neil Young, and new Bob Dylan.
I don't have webbed toes or superflous nipples. (superlative maybe)

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