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The circle will be complete when we have a politically-charged riot at a Celine Dion concert, and a bunch of neo-fascist country stars declare a cultural war on Canada.

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Thank you for your comments, everyone. I was truly being a curious monkey, and I hope nobody took any offense. I'm no great fan of "THE MAN", but I was wondering what everyone thought about the term. I feel like I am now intimately familiar with it. I'd like to think we're all smarter because of this thread. You're all delightful human beings.

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When I get enough liquor in me, I can dance a milder version of a lot of that stuff. Mind you, I can't yet pop a smaller dancer out of my chest. And yes, I'm always dancing when I post here. Hmmm... what does that... mean...

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Wurwilf, I'm glad I'm not completely alone in being curious about some aspects of this N/SFW stuff. I'd always assumed you weren't supposed to surf at all (for non-work-related things), in most jobs where you had a computer.

See, I've been a part of communities that were considerably larger than Monkeyfilter, and there were basically no safeguards what so ever. You posted a link, you clicked on it, and if it was "bad stuff" that was your own fault for clicking it. I'm just trying to learn about my relatively new home, and who populates it. I wasn't aware there were actually employers that encouraged people to surf the net while at work. Mind you, I've worked mainly jobs where computers were not involved, so perhaps I'm just ignorant in this regard. I was curious as to if NSFW was a code to help people surfing who shouldn't be surfing avoid getting in real trouble, or if it was a broader concept, or if people were allowed to surf on the job or not. I'm trying to view the world from other people's eyes for the next few minutes, so this is all part of that. Like, is NSFW one of those things like the "BOSS KEY" in old Sierra games, that would instantly boot you out of the game into DOS in the days before ALT-TAB? These are the sorts of things I was kind of looking for. Learning.

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Hey guys, isn't it cool how that guy does the robot? I thought it was pretty neat.

It sort of baffles me that you wouldn't check the URL of any link before you clicked it. Regardless, I apologize if I may have inadvertently froze various computers across the globe. I wasn't aware this sort of thing was such an issue for people. Maybe I'm just more laid back. I guess that's why I didn't even think twice about posting up extra warnings for the click-happy. So, once again, sorry if I caused any sort of issue with your machine. In the future, people will know exactly what to find in all of my links. It's like a learning experience.

J of the Shawn, I wish I could make the sounds that man can. Anyway, from now on I vow that I will be very careful, and always let people know what they are getting into. It's just in all my years of using the internet, I've never seen a community that needed so much assistance. Hmm... I've thought up a Curious George. MEANWHILE, the thread. DO YOU LIKE THE ROBOT? Honestly, let's stop killing the happy. Think of the happy.

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I stole this link from the Metafilter discussion on the same topic, but it's just far too good to pass up. Bobby Fischer's Pathetic Endgame from the Atlantic. I wasn't aware of his insane anti-Jewish rants and general ridiculousness until recently. I wonder if he's truly twisted or just quite mad due to reasons that'd require medication and/or care. It's sort of sad to see him like this, especially when you consider how bizarrely good he apparently was. Funny, arguably the best chess player in one of my social circles seems quite dumb on the surface (and quite xenophobic)... but he plays a mean game a chess. I'm not sure what I'm trying to say. It's just always weird when you see geniuses go mad. Like Michael Jackson. The man can sing, then man can dance. The man used to be able to pen a great tune. Now, well, I don't know. Crazy. Yes, that was a good movie, by the way. Made me want to play chess for about three days, then I figured out I was no good. Must be a math thing. Hated that math. Grr. Or maths, as the British would say.

In "Racial harmony through pop and lock."

P.S. I apologize for my mean ways and hyperbole, but I think there is a tangible, important point in there. (Comment count +1, yes!)

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I'm confused, are we measuring the tails of pet cats, or our wangs? I've got Milkwood by about a foot. I mean, my cat... uh... tail... what? (It always saddens me when cats and dogs get their tails cut off at a young age, because breeders think it looks awesome... that may just be a dog thing... I'm not sure...)

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(jccalhoun-- I'm pretty sure the Pope has outlawed wireless intaaaarweb. I wouldn't be throwing that information around.) But honestly, as we so ridiculously lazy at Monkeyfilter that we cannot hover our mouse pointer over the URL and see what it is? .swf is probably flash, you know? And if you click and it's something you don't want to wait for, you just click BACK and go somewhere else. I can see that's there in the rules, but I really question the point in posting useless sarcastic babble about Quicktime as the first response to a thread. Like, hooray if you don't want to use Quicktime. Do we really have to babysit the entire community through our FFPs? Let's use a bit of common sense. And hey, "watch blah blah blah" in the description pretty much denotes a movie. Did we think I was linking to a flip book? Was I linking to a website that would create a portal that would teleport you to an actual city street where you could personally watch some guy dancing on a sidewalk? Chances are a movie of any sort will load slowly. If I was linking some .html/.whatever page that had all sorts of embedded super secret flash nonsense in it that instantly attacked you, that would be an entirely different story, but in this situation, we just have scartol being too daft to figure out how to use a web browser, and then being a snarky pop tart because three seconds of precious surfing time were compromised. And no, I'm not drunk. Oh, if only!

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I like to oversimplify practically everything I've ever posted on Monkeyfilter, so that tag-line suits me at least. I mean, I could drone on and on, but then my point will only be appreciated by the two people too bored to do anything but read pages and pages of dreadful prose. But I digress. I suppose I'll start thinking about marriage and babies and things like that, once I've gotten out of school, but it definitely isn't a worry for me now. I do think about these things, though. When I'm too bored to even read Monkeyfilter. We could probably do with less children in the world, but the West definitely needs kids to keep on existing, and we know the Third World won't stop popping out the kids (as that is what poverty does to a society). Thus, we should all just adopt. Honestly. Tons of kids need parents. So let's adopt. They need less people, we need more. We can even things out. Think of the booming baby trade!

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So, it's this thread versus the Turkmenbashi one? This is a fierce battle. I have constructed an ASCII heart for you all. <3 *sniff*

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WARNING WARNING WARNING!!! Incredibly common and widely-used .mov file extension denotes QUICKTIME MOVIE FILE. Please do not click link unless you are equipped with Quicktime. Downloading of Quicktime may be required. You may be at risk of spending time downloading applications to better view certain files on the internet. WARNING WARNING WARNING!!! Some links on Monkeyfilter may involve text and/or images. Download time may be required. Please ensure you are wearing glasses if you require them to view small text. Graphical browsers may also be required. WARNING WARNING WARNING!!! May be illegal to view if you live in Communist China. WARNING WARNING WARNING!!! Some links may require connection to the internet. Please ensure you have a phone line or cable connection. Up-to-date browser may be required to view .html, .php, and .asp files. Browsers may or may not be bundled with your OS. WARNING WARNING WARNING!!! Milk is an excellent source of calcium! Welcome to the internet. Enjoy your stay.

In "Michael Moore violated Canada's election laws"

Nothing quite so amusing as seeing (persumably) Americans talk about the draconian speech laws of Canada. The purpose of the law, as has been mentioned by eloquent posters above me, is to keep large entities from swaying the voting population. Some guy saying "This dude is totally not worth voting for!" means absolutely nothing, and is not what the law is for. Yes, the law is ridiculously phrased, I agree. Land of the free indeed. You want unrestricted freedom? Somebody linked to that al-Jazeera thing from Metafilter. Unrestricted freedom of the press? To say whatever they want? Yes, I wish Canada was free enough to have the KKK just like the US, and fundamentalist religious nutcases on TV blaming 9/11 on women's rights and gays. That's awesome! God bless! That's a country where you cannot get elected unless you have eight trillion dollars backing you up. De facto aristocracy. Give me a break, people. *ahem* I had waffles for breakfast. Twice.

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Oh shit, now you know where I live.

This flip-flop half-pants thing has been all the rage for years in Ottawa. Get with it, people.

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Who the hell buys music online anyway? If I'm going to pirate it, I go online. If I'm going to buy it, I go to the record store. It boggles the mind. With all the sales HMV has daily, it's cheaper to go there than to iTunes. Good for eBay, I guess. Capitalism requires more fingers in the pie, or whatever.

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Anti-Jewish sentiment is still a major concern in most parts of the world, so it is saddening to see things like this potentially damaging proper discussion of the issue.

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