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I feel like I'm missing out here. I just don't get it - and I even made the effort of calling in. So yep, this here is my voice. I did this a few days ago for a friend - had I known I'd post it here, perhaps I would've sounded more enthusiastic. :-)

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I think it's just as well that the thread seems to have disappeared...I spent way too long reading through each one the other night, along with other threads in that forum.

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I'm seeing this all over, but what I really want is something I heard on the radio and have had no success tracking down. They were Beatles Christmas songs - one was We Three Kings with George singing and a sitar. The other was, I believe, Santa Claus is Coming to Town. That may have been a mash-up, as the music was "When I'm 64" and some other songs, but it really sounded like the Beatles singing. I've written to the radio station I heard the song on, but got no response. Anyone have any ideas where I can find these songs?

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Wow......I'm speechless after seeing his profile page hacked.

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How fast can you type the alphabet?

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The whole "flavored martini" trend really bugs me, but I love messing around with chocolate martinis which I make with vodka and Godiva liqueur. It's always nice to frost the edge of the glass with chocolate. You can change it up by using orange vodka and garnish with an orange, or add Frangelico for a chocolate hazelnut martini. I also love messing around with Midori and have yet to make a bad drink with it. Start off with Midori and vodka, and add a bit of fruit juice. I had great success at a party where there weren't many fruit juices mixing with Capri Suns and Kool-aide and a bit of 7-Up (just a splash of the juices). Sex on the Beach (the drink) is much better if you get it 'top shelf'. World of a difference. And I never knew, until this thread, why all the "sunset" drinks were named as such - thanks, eddybennet.

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Reglan and Compazine are interchangable, the only big difference here is the amount of research done on taking them during pregnancy, which of course is important. I'd be more concerned about the stress than the medications (as somebody already mentioned). Keep in mind too, before there was all this research people used to drink, smoke, eat swordfish, soft cheese and raw fish, etc, and their kids turned out ok. In some parts of the world, we do things while pregnant that would horrify them. For example, I believe it's the japanese that says you shouldn't eat anything cold (temperature-wise) while pregnant at all. I panicked quite a bit when I found out I was pregnant and it clicked that the bad headaches and migraines I was taking lots of meds (NyQuil and all sorts of prescriptions that weren't working) for were from being pregnant. They sent us to a specialist (I don't even remember what kind anymore)just to be on the safe side, and your doctor may recommend that for you if your insurance covers it and she likes to err waaay on the side of caution. Everything turned out fine for my son. Please try to reassure your wife that everything will be ok, it was just a short exposure to the medication, and panicking/her emotional state will probably have more of an impact than the medication. If possible, for her sake, downplay your concern and speak with the OB privately about your conern for the time being. The baby has done a lot of the gross developing, and it was a short exposure. And please be sure to let us know what the doctor says too! Of course, the standard disclaimer of IANAD applies here, too.

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Somewhere in one of the links posted here, Woodward says that Deep Throat was also used to corraborate things they heard from other sources. I believe that's what he's referring to when he speaks of "other sources and officials".

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I think it's a bit creepy that they have the correct current address for my father - he's been in a nursing home for close to 15 years.

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And congrats to all the soon-to-be mommies. If anyone wants to learn to make one, I'll be happy to tell them how I do it and let them realize that paying somebody to do it really is worth it. :-)

Mine seems to be a bit more useful, and I'll make one for $50 plus shipping! ;) Heck, you TELL me how much you want to spend and I'll tell you what I can do. Special offer just for monkeys! :-)

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Js - right there with you with "would I?", though my response if anyone says that is to shout "buck teeth"! I'd already be laughing from the joke, but the look on somebody's face after being randomly called a childish name by an adult sends me into giggle fits. Also, if somebody says "Two dollars", it's like anyone within earshot is obligated to say "I want my two dollars!" whether they know why or not (it's from the John Cusack movie "Better off Dead"). I seem to have gotten the "damn near killed 'em" and "I hardly know 'er" reflexes under control - it's a rare time I say them out loud, but I'm always thinking them. I could go on and on for days, but I think these are my two most giggle-inducing. This thread is lots of fun. :-)

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Well, if it comes down to it, I do transcription and have been looking for a side gig - if you need help, I would be thrilled to help and currently use the Olypus software. :-) Feel free to email me at my profile address.

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Funny you should mention that, Thursday - just today I found a postcard from the Corn Palace that Hector sent to me on a previous journey years ago. :-)

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That's very interesting, Nostril. It was definately not that I rearranged my room in my sleep - everything was topsy-turvey and there was no way that I could've rearranged everything in the time I was sleeping. The thing that freaked me out was that when I got back from the bathroom, everything was back to where it was and I figured it was a dream - until I found my little heater still in the closet.

I just took some NyQuil, read the ghost story thread and now this! I was really hoping to see some experiences like mine in this thread, but since I haven't yet, perhaps others will pipe up. I've had the "false awakening" thing - in fact, I've had it as several layers, where I'd dream the baby was choking in his crib, I'd jump out of bed and at that point "wake up" to the next layer, where I'd turn to my ex-husband in my bed and say "that's weird", then wake up again and think "weird, I dreamed I had a baby and a husband". I "woke up" a good seven or eight times. What I was really hoping to see was an experience similar to this one - it's happened to me twice. The first time, it was Easter Sunday and I was about 14. I woke up to use the bathroom, but couldn't find the door. Everything was rearranged - my heater was in the closet, my bed was moved against the door (which opened inward, so I couldn't get out), the light switches weren't where they should be, etc. It was a basement room, so there was absolutely no light getting in at all. I was obsessed with those glow-in-the-dark stars and by chance happened to design a heart constellation over my bed with the point of the heart pointing to the door. I remembered this and followed the stars to confirm that my bed was indeed blocking the door, when it should've been on the other side of the room. Like I said, this has actually happened to me at least twice. When I had to go to the bathroom I was a bit upset, but I didn't freak out. I did get a distinct "breaking with reality" feeling. I remember thinking - at age 14 - that the Easter Bunny must've rearranged my room. Anyone ever hear of anything remotely like this, or have any ideas?

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That was disappointing. Did anyone figure out what number to dial without using the walkthrough? I have no idea where they came up with that number.

Oh dear - I was just about to get some work done. There goes THAT idea!

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Upon initially reading the thread, I thought the orangutans were boxing for Thai donuts, and was quite surprised that they even LIKED donuts, nevermind enough to fight over them. With lightning speed, I click on the link to hear of these sugar demons. I couldn't find the link to that, but instead just about regular ol' organutans boxing. Really, a donut might keep things safe. The one who finishes the donut wins. Both lives. One just risks bad nutrition. Much nicer all the way around. In fact, give them the day old donuts that were going to be thrown away - much less wasted food! Such good could come of this!!

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Wow - this sounds incredible. I'm in New York - does anyone know of any events like this closer than North Carolina?

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