In "I'm calling out homunculus"


In "M.O.N.K.E.Y. Part N.I.N.E.: Now It Never Ends"

Look around, move pylons leeward into glowing hydrogen torches

In "London or Otherwise UK Meetup!"

I think what Trac is trying to say, Ned, is that you should hold the meetup in Christchurch!

In "Feeling disgruntled? Get gruntled."

Haooy New Year from teh fric

In "Mofi Meetup!"

His description is fairly accurate. I did, by chance, see through a smal window in the internets a portion of the meeting ups.

In "M.O.N.K.E.Y. Part N.I.N.E.: Now It Never Ends"

Where oneswellfoop read Keats, eating daffodils

Absolutely, although reality does vary across randomized k-spaces

Does it? Soylent Cyan is people!!! Let's eat sausages

In "Mofi Meetup!"

I demand shoutouts as in days of yore... or alternatively an aeroplane ticket

In "M.O.N.K.E.Y. Part N.I.N.E.: Now It Never Ends"

Escape now, gentlemen, into nothing. Escape, escape! Ride into nowhere! Go!!

Does everyone like eating tripe? Invitation only next supper

ß = ss

Yonder elephants leveled lilacs of wendell's stately townhouse. Oliphaunts need edelweiß

Heartless, artless Monsters, standing there eating Ratatouille

More is never enough

Suomynona, you call our people here and never trade in cash!

Serpents linger on the highest sycamores

Scandinavians using mere English results in antiquated nouns

Had a really lousy encounter, quit using injectables... nothings original

Not one regret, though here under my blanket everything resembles Lawyers announcing "No Deal"

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