In "Man dressed as penis disrupts graduation "

The FAQ says it is "too early to estimate a release date". The nice thing about being Blizzard is that you already have a license to print money, and you don't need to rush to get anything done.

In "The Return of the X-Files."

A truly great series... ...which jumped the shark hard enough to achieve escape velocity. There's no going back. I think the Lone Gunmen died after getting their own show. Can't swear to it, though.

In "Plantage"

It's not called Samorost 3, but they are making a new game.

In "10 recording bloopers that made the album."

This guy knows better than John Lennon and Phil Spector what Working Class Hero should have sounded like? I think not.

In "Vladimir Putin, you're so dreamy!"

"Putin has appeared on national television driving a truck, operating a train, sailing on a submarine and copiloting a fighter jet." "All these exploits have been widely publicized, thanks to the Kremlin's control of major media." Ooo... how sinister. Good thing our government doesn't have control of major media- otherwise we'd have to look at staged, manipulative pictures of OUR national leaders copiloting military aircraft in ridiculous getups.

In "Scrollovers"

And it's rocket88 by a nose.

"Flair" is distinctive elegance or style. A FLARE is a flashy thing that means you need help. Come to think of it, maybe 'flare' is more appropriate...

In "20mph petrol-driven rollerblades."

Hey guys! Who wants to go Darwinblading?

In "George Carlin nails it."

People don't think critically because The Man won't let them? I'm inclined to think that people don't think critically because they can't be bothered. Carlin seems to be congratulating himself for having these clever, iconoclastic opinions, and his audience lets him know that they're clever too by applauding. I found it a little embarrassing.

In "The final days: the Mayan end of time."

I think there are crackpots forming in the earth's magnetic field.

In "What in the crap is this?"

That's not nearly ugly enough to be a naked mole rat.

In "Joe Pesci with His Head On Fire."

It is better to light a single Joe Pesci's Head On Fire, than to curse the darkness.

In "What happened before the Big Bang?"

' intrinsic cosmic forgetfulness'. I love living in an age when the scientists sound flakier than the mystics.

In "Citing Frustration With Peace Groups and Politics, Cindy Sheehan Goes Home"

Sorry- completely inappropriate. Don't mind me.

If Bush met with Sheehan, and kept checking out her butt when she wasn't looking? He'd be an ogliarch.

>What's really disheartening about the letter is the inference that we know and don't care. Well, in fairness, if I were her I'd be pretty disgusted with people like myself who despise the war but don't do much about it besides vote, and pray that there's still something to be accomplished by voting. Oh, and vent about it online. Boy, if ranting about shit online could effect social change, we'd all be living in a Worker's Paradise...

In "The King of the Dutar."

At the risk of being hard to please- a rustic background would have been nice.

In "No more lab monkeys"

...they're going to use poor people instead?

In "Pistol Shrimp!"

I, for one, w...

In "Jott."

>>The message is reliably translated into text, My hovercraft is full of eels.

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